LTHS Student council introduces: Candy grams

With Valentine’s day coming up next month, the LTHS student council has endeavored to create a new tradition for students through Candy Grams, a path away from the previous annual tradition of the “Trail of hearts”. 

“We’re excited to introduce a new tradition to LTHS through Candy Grams.” said senior Neha Somepalli, who is the student council treasurer. “Student council has decided to replace “Trail Of Hearts” with a new Valentine’s Day tradition. We introduced Candy grams because it feels more personal and allows students to show appreciation for more than one friend.”

Each candy rose can be delivered to multiple friends, thus making it one of the main reasons why it was chosen over the previous tradition, which was labor intensive and less efficient in allowing friends to express their affection for one another. 

Additionally, one of the core goals of the student council is to make the tradition lasting, in order to continue it as a representation of a Valentine’s day celebration for one’s peers. 

“We hope to see this tradition continue in LTHS for years to come,” said Somepalli. 

The sale of the candy roses will also be distributed by student council members on a daily basis. 

The candy roses will be sold everyday during megalunch in the rotunda, wherein students will need to know the specific homeroom numbers of their peers and write a note to be delivered with the rose. Each rose is a dollar and will be delivered on Monday, February 13th, during homeroom.