Student opinions on leaving campus during lunch

Getty Images/iStockphoto


Jordan Davis, Staff Reporter

Across the nation, students consume mouth-watering food at lunch, the one break they get after half a day of hard work. Many students feel that being confined and limited in lunch choices is just one limiting factor to children’s daily excitement.

Recently, a multitude of students dissolved into outrage over punishments faced for skipping mega-lunch to eat at a separate restaurant.

“I think that I don’t deserve that, you know?,” a student who wishes to stay anonymous said. “I’m just tired of the weird school lunches. The restaurant is right across the street and the teachers are allowed to go out to eat lunch. Why can’t I?”

Many students returned after leaving during lunch; however, it is suspected that a few left for the day.

“I think that our students shouldn’t be allowed to leave during lunch, because the school can’t guarantee that they will come back or just ditch,” freshman Jayden Khemlani said. “The school is responsible for the students’ safety so if the students leave, no one can monitor what’s happening and if anything happens the school would be responsible.”

Soon rumors of a petition started and gained fire amongst the student body.

“I never actually saw it, but I definitely heard about it,” a junior who wishes to remain anonymous said.

Amidst the chaos of the petition, the school is yet to budge or act on the rumored demands, leaving many to question the usefulness of such actions, if they were for the purpose of the protest.