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1989 (taylor’s version) vault tracks review

Taylor Swift has done it again. She, the mastermind of music itself, has managed to release more songs, even better than her last. I’m not even kidding, I swear I felt goosebumps when I first listened to her 1989 (taylor’s version) vault tracks.

This is my ranking for her newest masterpieces:

  1. Is it over now?
  2. S***!
  3. Suburban legends
  4. Say don’t go
  5. Now that we don’t talk


Is it over now?

Description: Although nothing can be proven until Ms. Swift has publicly announced it, the general consensus all over TikTok has been that the song is her calling Harry Styles out. Although this song is illuminating, the two have no bad blood now. The song explains how she was extremely confused about their entire relationship and didn’t know when they were together or broken up, hence her asking ‘Was it over when..’ throughout the song. There are a lot of references to their previous outings such as ‘red blood, white snow’ referencing a skiing accident when Styles and Swift were still together. The song also has a lot of similar instrumentals as some of the other songs on the album like “Out of the Woods”, which was also about Harry Styles. The song overall reflects on heartbreak and whether the relationship has truly ended this time.



And did you think I didn’t see you?

There were flashin’ lights

At least I had the decency

To keep my nights out of sight

Only rumors ’bout my hips and thighs

And my whispered sighs

Oh, Lord, I think about jumpin’

Off of very tall somethings

Just to see you come runnin’

And say the one thing I’ve been wanting, but no!


Rating: 10000000/10, this very quickly(by this I mean in about 2 seconds into the song) climbed up into my TOP Taylor Swift songs and has been stuck in my head for days.


Favorite lyric(s): 

If she’s got blue eyes, I will surmise that you’ll probably date her/You dream of my mouth before it called you a lying traitor\



Description: When Taylor first teased the titles of her vault, everyone knew that it would either be the most upbeat song or the greatest love song, with no in-between. As it turns out, it was the latter. In the song, Taylor describes being okay with all the hate and slut-shaming she has as long as she can be with her true love. In the bridge, she warns her partner that he might get the same backlash she does by staying with her. She essentially tries to protect people from the media, and she feels like being around her restricts them from that protection, which is also exhibited in the song ‘Peace’ with the lyric ‘Would it be enough if I could never give you peace?’.



Half asleep, takin’ your time

In the tangerine, neon light, this is luxury

You’re not sayin’ you’re in love with me

But you’re going to

Half awake, takin’ your chances

It’s a big mistake, I said, “It might blow up in your pretty face”

I’m not saying, “Do it anyway” (Do it anyway)

But you’re going to


Rating: 1000/10


Favorite lyric(s): 

But if I’m all dressed up/They might as well be lookin’ at us

And if they call me a s***/You know it might be worth it for once

And if I’m gonna be drunk/I might as well be drunk in love


Suburban Legends

Description: Taylor starts by hinting at infidelity (You had people who called you on unmarked numbers), and explaining how she ignored the red flags because of her rose-tinted glasses as she was in love. She goes into her relationship with suspicions but it was mostly physical attraction, so she ignores her doubts. She also delves into ‘destiny’ and how while some people are fated to be together, they were born to be ‘suburban legends’. Taylor also uses onomatopoeia to describe her feelings of loneliness.



Tick-tock on the clock, I pace down your block

I broke my own heart ’cause you were too polite to do it

Waves crash on the shore, I dash to the door

You don’t knock anymore, and my whole life’s ruined


Rating: 100/10


Favorite lyric(s): 

I know that you still remember/We were born to be national treasures

When you told me we’d get back together/And you kissed me in a way that’s gonna screw me up forever


Say don’t go


Description: Say Don’t Go is a super heartfelt song, depicting the protagonist begging her partner to ask her to stay. She implores him to put effort into their relationship while knowing from the beginning that their relationship was doomed to fail but taking the risk anyway. Swift describes how an uncertain relationship feels like to be left behind after confessions of love and being led on. The background music only adds to the emotional turmoil the listener feels and emphasizes how she feels after being left behind after putting her best effort in.



Why’d you have to (Why’d you have to)

Make me want you? (Make me want you)

Why’d you have to (Why’d you have to)

Give me nothin’ back?

Why’d you have to (Why’d you have to)

Make me love you? (Make me love you)

I said, “I love you” (I said, “I love you”)

You say nothin’ back


Rating: 11/10


Favorite lyric(s): 

Say, “Don’t go”/ I would stay forever if you say, “Don’t go”


Now that we don’t talk

Description: In this song, Taylor reminisces about her past relationship, and being unable to say things to her ex as she used to when they still dated. After, however, she comes to terms with their breakup and remembers the things she’s glad she doesn’t have to pretend about anymore (‘I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock’). She eventually realizes that they’re better off not talking and that their breakup is for the best. In the verses, she starts noticing them drifting apart, and ends with her accepting both the breakup and herself.



What do you tell your friends we

Shared dinners, long weekends with?

Truth is, I can’t pretend it’s

Platonic, it’s just ended, so


Rating: 11/10, let’s be honest this really can’t go below a 10/10, I love it so much.


Favorite lyric(s): 

I call my mom, she said that it was for the best/Remind myself, the morе I gave, you’d want me less


That’s it for the vault tracks! I truly enjoyed listening to these songs. They’re all so addicting; I have no idea what she put in them. Taylor, you will never go out of style for me.


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