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Lebanon Trail High School News

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Lebanon Trail High School News

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The Ramyun Library

For instant ramyun lovers, a noodle-filled day is on your side. Carrollton has recently opened “The Ramyun Library,” which is exactly what it sounds like: bookshelves filled with ramen! 


 To save you time and gas, I’ve decided to review this place. You’re very welcome. 


When I first arrived at the library, approximately 20 minutes by car from my home, I noticed the surrounding buildings were very old, and it had a rustic and antique vibe from the outside. However, as soon as I walked into the store, the ambiance was comforting and unique, especially compared to other restaurants I’d been to before.  


Ramen shelves towered above my head, and I was so excited to try it, even if it was just instant noodles. There were many tables set up, and some people brought their computers to work there–like a regular library–and I thought that was an excellent idea. The seating, however, was too cramped for my satisfaction. 


I don’t particularly like the idea of sitting a few inches away from someone you don’t know. That was the first negative thing I noticed while visiting this place. 


A positive? It felt like I was outdoors, because of the ceiling fans, and the TV projecting Korean Pop. The kitchen was super neat as well, and the workers were very friendly to me. 


Next, the actual ramen: There were so many different kinds but I had to make up my mind! Finally, I opted for the Sesame and Egg Ramen which sounded delicious, and the bill came out to be only $5.99, which included the additional cost of custom toppings. No toppings? Well, the cost would be the pricing of regular ramen, maybe $3.00. 


I topped my bowl with kelp, some spicy green onions, and mozzarella, and when I tell you that this was the best instant ramyun I’ve had, I’m genuinely not kidding. I felt cozy eating the ramyun, knowing the noodles were fully cooked, and adding those toppings only served to spice up the whole gastronomic experience.  


Overall, I enjoyed the visit, and I think it’s worth a try. Although it may not be ideal to drive 20 minutes to get to an instant ramyun place, I think it’s worth the try. After all, ramyun can’t really be instant if there aren’t customers, right? Have a ramyunlicious day! 

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Bhavana Balaji
Bhavana Balaji, Staff Reporter
Bhavana Balaji is a 16 year old junior who finds herself singing, dancing, and mainly kick boxing in her spare time punching bags to take her temper out. She is also passionate about becoming a lawyer, stating that she loves defending people who need help and that everyone deserves a lawyer along with a second chance. She elaborates, saying the government won't truly know a person until the right human represents them. Bhavana continues to take classes contributing to law like AP Psychology, Court Systems, and AP Seminar. Finally, her hope is to be known for being there in the small things as well as the big, and Bhavana desires that Lebanon Trail students will put in effort to create a positive environment to take LTHS to the next level. Contact Info - [email protected]

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