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Lebanon Trail High School News

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Lebanon Trail High School News

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Thank You Vanguard and Farewell Blazers

My time on Vanguard News has probably been one of the most impactful experiences in my high school career. I decided to take journalism on a whim in junior year because I thought it would be an easy credit, anyone can write right? I felt so seen by Mrs. Gilmore when she was in awe of my UIL News Writing practice. The Vanguard News Internship was presented to me and I gladly accepted. I did that for a year, and I was excited to be an official staff writer in the first official newspaper class. 


I enjoy working with the people here. As my classmates, as creative and funny as they are, sit in a circle on the floor and converse, I sit at my desk with my headphones on. I tend to keep to myself, writing, and fueling my obsession with Spotify, though I don’t feel left out or alone. There is a community here that I am so grateful for. I’m sad to leave this classroom for the last time in a month. Graduation is scary, the idea of adulthood is scary. But as my 18th birthday looms over me, April 24 coming up fast, I’m starting to accept that a new chapter is opening in my life as this one closes. 


I’m growing out of high school, some friendships, and my jeans, but when it comes to my love for journalism, I’m okay if it continues growing. And I’m going to get sappy here, but I love the feeling writing in this room gives me. There is an outlet for me to express my opinions and speak about my experiences. I never knew I’d enjoy this so much. Writing about the Arts and Entertainment was never on my bucket list. But as I started, I felt like I had found something that was right for me. I am eternally grateful for Mrs. Gilmore and the vision she sees for me. She can see potential and she helps us bring it out. She has immensely inspired me to keep writing, and potentially take what she’s taught me to college with a minor in journalism. 


As our more popular counterpart, Vanguard TV continues to grow and be watched, I hope the same happens for the Newspaper staff after I graduate. When I mention my position as a staff writer, or gush over an article I’m proud of, the response I get is, “We have a newspaper?” We are a small group, but I wish the best for the future of Vanguard News. I hope it continues to grow in staff and engagement. I am proud to have been there as it begins to jumpstart its participation.


It’s going to be different because I feel we’ve established a routine that I’ll soon miss. I’m going to miss Riya’s outlandish takes at 9 a.m. I’m going to miss everyone reacting to my facial expressions because I don’t have to say a word for you to know what I’m thinking at that moment. I’ll miss Cici, Ava, Anoushka, Alexa, and Brooke’s storytimes. I’ll miss Addie, Carmen, and Ira’s contagious kindness. Even the more reserved creatives like Steffi, Bhavana, Marisa, Lakshana, Tiffany, and Poorvi have made an impact in this room. 


As I sat silently at computer 17 for two years, I observed and appreciated those who made up Vanguard. I’m so grateful for the experience writing on this staff has given me. I have an entire online portfolio of articles that I’m leaving with, to show that I’ve learned from my time on staff and I’m not leaving empty-handed. I ultimately want to wish everyone the best of luck with their future endeavors, and the best of luck with the future of the newspaper!

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About the Contributor
Layah Eastmond
Layah Eastmond, Staff Reporter
Current Senior, Layah Eastmond, a first time staffer on the LTHS Newspaper team, completed the Vanguard News internship a year prior. Originally from California, Eastmond grew up watching shows like Stranger Things which inspired her to get into acting. She plans to travel abroad to Europe after graduation in order to pursue a future career in the acting/entertainment field. She is currently a part of the Varsity cheer team and in her free time, works at a popular French Bistro. Eastmond specializes in writing timely pieces, ranging from reviewing events in the media to writing about current school events going on at LT.  Contact: l[email protected]

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