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My thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie


Ghostbusters is a classic paranormal movie series that can drive anyone into nostalgia. Not surprisingly, Sony came out with a new movie in March to add to the Ghostbusters franchise. I question the decision to bring back such an old franchise to make it something new, as there are many examples of this not working. Many Ghostbusters fans can however be excited for the movie as it expands more on what could’ve been left out in the older movies. 


One of the most enjoyable things about this movie was its characters. I thought that all the characters were comedic and relatable in some sort of way. Even though some of the characters did fit into these cliches it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it to be. In many newer movies I feel lack an aspect of fresh comedy. The Ghostbusters movie did fit into that type of category, but it isn’t as bad as the comedy that is done in many recent movies. 


Another thing I liked about this movie was the visual effects of ghosts. The Ghostbusters tech team did a good job creating new designs for new ghosts showcased in the movie while preserving the old ghost design. I haven’t watched any recent good movie that used CGI as well as Ghostbusters did. 


However, there is one thing I didn’t find enjoyable about the movie the main plot. It was very cliche and I knew right away what would happen. While some subplots caught my attention at first, none of them stood out to me in the end. The main plot had some potential as it introduced a new concept within the world of the Ghostbusters. But I think it wasn’t executed well. I could see the plot working if the writers had made it more unique and less cliche. 


Overall. I think it was the most underwhelming movie that has come out this year. It’s not a movie I would recommend spending a whole day in the theaters for. I think this is a movie that can be watched in the background while doing chores or laundry. If you are looking for a movie with ghosts, there are many better alternatives or even watching the original Ghostbusters would suffice. 


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Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter
Tiffany Chen is currently in her sophomore year at LT. She is excited to continue writing for Vanguard News this year. She enjoys editorial writing because it is a way to express her opinion and personality. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, scrolling on Tik Tok, and playing video games.  Contact Info - [email protected]

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