Review: Lockwood and Co.

Akshitha Venkataraman, Assistant editor in chief

Premiering in late January this year, the show Lockwood and Co. has amassed fame and landed a top ten spot in over 74 countries worldwide. The series follows three characters who essentially have the ability to fend off, see, and hear the spirits and other supernatural elements that have plagued London, known simply as “The Problem”. 

In terms of the adaptation quality from the beloved series of the same name, many fans and critics alike have stated that they are happy with the show’s faithfulness to the plot and character development present in the original media. The characters are all well cast and there is clear believability and presence within the acting throughout the show. Additionally, the pacing of the show’s plotline is consistent with that of the novel, in that it is clearly adapted well through consistent dialogue that is reminiscent of the noble and clearly structured story arcs. 

The technical elements of the show are also well done. The lighting, set design, and digital effects throughout the show are especially important since it is an entirely supernatural plot based show that requires the lighting and effects accordingly. 

The show also has an excellent soundtrack in terms of instrumentals and other background music. It sets the scene well and allows for the gradual development of suspense and thrill that is required for a typical horror genre show. 

Ultimately, the show is successful in its adaptation of the original source material in a faithful manner while also managing to adhere to the film industry through set design, screenwriting, and background instrumentals and effects. The actors have also done well and the show 

Although the books still have much more material to cover, it is not yet confirmed whether the show will be renewed for another season.