It’s Election Year: Student Council Edition


Isabella Grogman

Recently, Lebanon Trail’s Student Council began holding applications for new officer positions for the 2021-2022 year. On Monday February 24, nine candidates gave speeches at the Student Council General Meeting so that they could hold elections for the officer positions. 


Student Council organizes many events around LT, such as Pink Out, Trail of Hearts, Homecoming, and much more. They are involved in almost every activity LT hosts, and play a major role in planning and creating decorations for the school. 


Currently, each officer position is held by a senior, and with graduation soon approaching, elections and interviews are being held to select new officers for the upcoming school year. 


There are five positions to be filled: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. The candidates are not running for a specific position, but rather running to become an officer, and five finalists will be sorted into the positions according to their skills, amount of votes they received from the general meeting, and how well they perform in their interviews. 


The results for the new officers will be posted on Friday March 6.


Junior Ariana Harpavat is one of the candidates running for a student council officer position, and she said she felt prepared for her speech at the general meeting and is looking forward to her interview. 


“I’ve been in student council since freshman year, so being able to run this year is a great honor, and I’m excited to see what the outcomes are,” Harpavat said. 


Fellow candidate junior Emma Roco is also running for an officer position. Roco said she believes that all the candidates are good choices for officer positions, but she is hoping she is elected to hold one of the positions. 


“Student council helps so much around the school that I wanted to be an officer so I could be more involved in improving our community at Lebanon Trail,” Roco said.


President of Student Council, senior Arvind Subramanin, said that the election process holds many aspects to it, and deciding who gets to be an officer is difficult. 


“Running for an officer position is a bit nerve wracking for the current candidates” Subramanin said. “However, I think that becoming an officer is a wonderful way to know what goes on behind the scenes in our school events, and we know that whoever is chosen will do a fantastic job.”