Celebrating Diversity

Kaushiki Roy, Editor

Children screaming with joy, volunteers laughing along with them at my latest and most comical mishap, I cannot wait for Humanities of Tomorrow to begin its Multicultural session week at Lebanon Trail High School on Monday, November 18. 

Humanities of Tomorrow, a nonprofit I started over the summer of 2019, specializes in teaching kids of lower socioeconomic statuses about the arts and humanities. Our goal from the beginning was to provide kids the resources to encourage their interests in the arts for future school classes and career paths. 

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Richardson and Frisco were our first partners. With them, we conducted two week sessions teaching kids, ages 9 and up, the basics of art, music, dance, theater and design. 

“The summer was especially fun since the kids at the clubs were wild and fun. They loved the attention and it felt good to be able to increase their interests in the arts,” Senior Peyton Carlisle, theater director, said. 

This year, we continue our efforts with the first Multicultural Awareness week. During the first two days, kids from the Richardson Boys and Girls Club will be transported to the Lebanon Trail Cafeteria and will learn about different cultures in their community and beyond. With station-style activities and a show-and-tell to end off the days, a total of 30 kids will learn about distinct features of Latino, Middle-Eastern, East Asian, Southeast Asian and African culture. 

In addition, we are partnering with LT’s own Give For Good, a club dedicated to decorating care packages for the Salvation Army and designing encouragement cards for the patients at the Dallas Cancer Research Hospital. After the multicultural activities are finished, the kids will be decorating their own bags and cards to give to the army and hospital. 

On the last day of the session, November 22, Senior Saam Shahandeh will host a soccer field day in the indoor field house as a representation of sports being a part of culture. The varsity soccer team will end off the night with a mini soccer match between them and the kids.

“I am excited to be a part of this organization and see the kids again. Giving them even a small part of our vast resources makes me feel more accomplished than ever,” Shahandeh said.