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Haters gonna hate, hate, hate

My response to reasons people use to hate Taylor Swift

People who hate Taylor Swift are even more passionate about her than Swifties if that’s possible. Swifties are known for being just a little obsessive about her, but her haters probably talk about her even more. 

Inspired by the pure hatred people seem to have for this wonderful, beautiful, poetic icon, I decided to write an article about all the reasons why they seem to hate Swift, and why I think they’re mistaken. 


Reason #1:

“Her music all sounds the same”

This just shows that the only songs you’ve been listening to are the ones that are on the radio. She has countless meaningful and deep songs across her VERY DIFFERENT albums. I can promise you that I didn’t cry to “This is me Trying” because I thought it was “Shake it Off”.


Reason #2:

“She had the largest carbon emissions”/ “she uses a private jet to go everywhere”

Please do some research before you say this to any sane person. In a study done recently about the top celebrities with the highest carbon emissions, Swift came in 77th place. 

Who was first? Travis Scott, followed by Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Beyonce, and more celebrities that don’t get NEARLY as much hate as Taylor for doing the same thing in a much much greater quantity.


Reason #3:

“Kanye West made her famous at the VMA’s’

I think this one is actually the funniest, because there is no reason for her to even be at the VMA’s if she wasn’t already famous. Why would she be there to earn an award if she wasn’t famous before West decided to interrupt a 19-year-old’s biggest moment at the time? 


Reason #4:

“She dates too many guys”

Okay, so if we’re really going to pull up a list of who is dating too many people, that is possible. Swift has 12 publicly known exes. Harry Styles? 12. Kim Kardashian? 13. Leonardo Di Caprio? 23. Not that this is a problem in any way but why exactly are bringing relationships into this when she has free will to do whatever she likes? 


Reason #5:

“All her songs are about breakups”

Again, this is what only listening to songs on the radio has reduced people to. This is simply not true. Ronan is a song about a little boy that died of cancer. Anti-hero is a song about her struggling with her insecurities. The Man is about how she believes that if she was a man, people wouldn’t be hating her for the things that they do now. And these are only three. Even if she did only write about her breakups, so many other popular song artists do as well, so why are we faulting her for it? 


Reason #5:

“Taylor Swift is shown way too many times in the Super Bowl”

At the Super Bowl, she was shown for a total of 54 seconds, which ran for four hours and eight minutes. All that drama and for what? I watched the Super Bowl to see her because I thought she would be shown almost the entire time, but I honestly thought they could’ve shown her more. I did not get enough one-second glances at her.

Also, she does not control the camera. She wasn’t actively telling the cameras to pan to her every time Travis did something, especially because she was only there to support her boyfriend.


Reason #6:

“She’s overrated”

Just say you’re allergic to happiness? Just say you don’t like others genuinely enjoying something? Nobody is begging you to listen to her music. So don’t.


As Taylor Swift once said, “The worst type of people are the ones that make you feel bad for being excited about something.” Don’t be this person for someone else 🙂


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About the Contributor
Ira Tendulkar
Ira Tendulkar, Assistant editor-in-chief
Ira is the assistant editor-in-chief of the Vanguard Newspaper and is a junior at LT. She loves watching rom-coms and reading. Some of her favorite authors are Holly Black, Tahereh Mafi, and Sara J. Maas. She is a HUGE swiftie and loves listening to anything by Taylor Swift. She has always enjoyed writing and writes for the newspaper now because it allows her to express her opinions on different topics. In the future, Ira would like to be a journalist or something involving writing. 

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