Falling For Christmas brings romance element into the new Christmas season


“Falling for Christmas” combines cliché romance plots with comedic moments to brings joy to people during the holiday season. Photo Credit: Netflix

Steffi Sam, Staff Reporter

As the Christmas season is here, the need of christmas movies fills the air. As people know Mean Girls, one of the most popular movies in time. The star actor Lindsay Lohan, is seen in this brand new movie, “ Falling for Christmas”. The typical modern romantic hallmark movie. Evidently throwing love or hate, the movie created its opinions. The cliches of cliche, if you are the adventurous, full in action type this movie is not for you. Though if you want to sit and relax and fall into the typical hallmark romance, keep reading. Lohan is in the character of a hotel heiress named Sierra Belmont who finds herself in a distinctive situation. Being offered the position of “ vice president of atmosphere” at her father’s classy ski chalet. A week of christmas till Christmas is only left and she has to make a decision if she’s right for the job. Even though her life is not as eventful as she wishes. Belmont wants to have own identity and not leave with only carrying her father’s name. Going all out in beautiful christmas attire, featuring the daring red jumpsuit, she represents a kind natured and living her best life halfway through the film. ON her way to meet her insipid social media influencer boyfriend Tad, ( George Young ) Sierra meets charming Jake as the owner of a small grapple resort on the same mountain. Running into each other with a cup of hot chocolate, Belmont’s father recently declined investing in Jake’s business.

Obviously, coincidence gets them and this improbable duo meet again after the catastrophic engagement shoot comes to an end. Jake finds Sierra toppled head based into a tree. Sooner than later he finds himself spending 4 days with a prepper named Ralph. ( Sean J. Dilingham ) The pure romance falls into place as they spend time and find the true people they are. Sierra helps Jake open up to love again and there your happily ever after is.


Even though it is full of hallmark romance cliches, it sure to put audiences into the holiday. Lindsey Lohan shines in return role, as Sierra Belmont. She is highly believable as an air headed rich girl in this typical fish-out-water story. The set design was atmospheric. Background sets, costumes,