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Spilling our “GUTS” with Olivia Rodrigo

“GUTS” sign at AT&T Stadium before show on March 1, 2024 Photo Credit: Isabel Zajac

Turns out that I got the thing I wanted, but it was definitely what I imagined.


Olivia Rodrigo, a worldwide phenomenon who gained popularity with the release of her debut album “Sour,” enthralled fans when she announced a tour for her most recent album release, “GUTS.” She kicked off her tour on Feb. 23, 2024, and will end on August 17, 2024. We had the immense pleasure of attending Rodrigo’s tour on March 1. 


Seats – 


Addie – I was seated with my friends in section 279, row 2, and in the seats 11-14. We had a clear view of the stage and were situated near the left side. I believe our close seats helped us gain the best concert experience possible as Rodrigo was easy to see and the graphics shown on the screen helped add to the amazing visual experience. 


Lakshana – I was seated on the left-back side of the stadium in section 323 with my two other friends. We didn’t have a clear view of the stadium because the American Airlines TV was blocking our view but we could see most of the stage. 


Outfits – 


Addie – Knowing that I wanted to save money when I designed my outfit, I decided to go through my pre-existing dress collection rather than buy a new one. I wanted to embody the colors that Rodrigo used for “Sour” and “GUTS” so I chose to wear purple. I decided to wear a light purple dress and I also wore light purple hair extensions to accentuate the look. 


Lakshana – I knew I wanted to wear purple for the GUTS concert for the longest time so I went on TikTok for inspiration and found a purple dress I really liked from Lucy In The Sky. However, this dress was very expensive to get brand new so I got it used off of Poshmark. Additionally, for accessories I adorned my hair with butterfly clips and a purple bow. 


Merch line and prices – 


Addie – I arrived at the American Airlines Center around 7:10 and the merch lines were incredibly lengthy. Despite there being multiple merch stands, the demand for the merch was high. My friends and I just decided to head to our seats and check the stands after the concert. However, after the concert, the outcome was the same. There were still long lines and it seemed more appealing to purchase merch online.  


Ticket Process – 


Lakshana – I was lucky enough to get selected for Olivia’s presale so I had my friend buy tickets off my account when I was at school. My friend said the ticket process was pretty easy and smooth and didn’t have any glitches or slowness in the network like Ticketmaster usually does. We were able to get decent seats for an affordable price without much hassle. However, this was all thanks to the presale. If we didn’t have access to the presale, it would’ve been really difficult to get the tickets we wanted at the price we wanted. 


Review (Addie) – 


Rodrigo’s “GUTS” tour is the second concert I’ve been to, and I was very excited to be able to hear the emotion and passion portrayed in her songs live. My friend bought the tickets during presale and that eased some of the ticket-purchasing pressures off of me and my other friends who attended. The opener for our tour date of March 1 was Chappell Roan. I was unfamiliar with her songs but I noticed that some were familiar with her music and chose to sing and sway along to her opening act. I did some more research about her and her discography after the concert and was glad to be introduced to some of her music. Moving on to the star of the show, Rodrigo did a wonderful job throughout the entire performance. I was expecting a few songs from “Sour”, however, the number of songs she included from the album was pleasantly surprising. It was very nostalgic to hear songs from her debut album and transported me back to when I listened to her music for the very first time. The concert had several exciting moments such as singing happy birthday to an audience member, having a kiss cam moment, and Rodrigo going around the arena on a moon hung from the ceiling. These touches were a testament to Rodrigo’s character and I made so many wonderful memories that night. 


Review (Lakshana) – 


Initially, I wasn’t as excited about Rodrigo’s “GUTS” tour as I was for her “Sour” tour. Since I wasn’t able to get tickets for “Sour” I made it a priority to get tickets for “GUTS”. After getting selected to participate in Rodrigo’s presale, which only a select number of fans were asked to participate in, I was lucky enough to get the tickets I wanted and the price I wanted them for. Overall, Rodrigo did an excellent job at her performance, playing almost all the songs from her “GUTS” and “Sour” albums. Rodrigo not only captured the audience with her beautiful voice and interesting dance choreography but also ensured that fans got a very personal experience from this concert. She sang happy birthday to one of her fans and took the time to compliment the outfits of those who attended the concert, showing how much appreciation and love she has for her fans. The highlight of the night was probably when Rodrigo played her unreleased song “obsessed” in front of her fans. Additionally, the objects she sang on such as the moon and the stage itself added a unique play to her concert. The only criticism I would have dealt with was my seat itself. During the show, the American Airlines TV obstructed my view of Rodrigo’s stage, and since it wasn’t on, it just obstructed my view of the stage. 


Setlist and Favorite Songs – 


Here is the overall setlist for the “GUTS” tour:


  1. “Bad idea, right?”
  2. “Ballad of a Homeschooled girl”
  3. “Vampire”
  4. “Traitor”
  5. “Drivers License”
  6. “Teenage Dream”
  7. “Pretty isn’t pretty”
  8. “Love is embarrassing”
  9. “Making the bed”
  10. “Logical”
  11. “Enough for you”
  12. “Lacy”
  13. “Jealousy, Jealousy”
  14. “Happier”
  15. “Favorite Crime”
  16. “Deja vu”
  17. “The Grudge”
  18. “Brutal”
  19. “Obsessed” (part of “GUTS” deluxe version, “GUTS (spilled)”)
  20. “All-American B****”
  21. “Good 4 U” (encore)
  22. “Get him back” (encore)


Addie – Rodrigo seemed to conclude her show with the song “all-american b****”, however, the audience clamored for an encore act. Not leaving her dedicated fans (myself included) disappointed, Rodrigo returned to the stage and sang two additional songs. This includes “get him back!” It was my favorite song to hear live as I enjoyed scream-singing the lyrics and it was definitely a memorable way to conclude the tour.


Conclusion – 


Following our tour stop, Rodrigo visited New Orleans. She will end her “GUTS” tour on August 14, 2024, in Los Angeles, California. Due to the high demand for tickets, she decided to include additional stops to her tour to cater to the calls from her fans. Additionally, you can now stream “GUTS (spilled)” on all streaming services to continue the “GUTS” adventure with Rodrigo.

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