“Morbius” devastates the audience with a lackluster plot


Credit: ign.com

Ava Bronstad, Lead Staff

The Marvel franchise has been known to make many incredible movies that have changed the way many people view superheroes and their stories. From movies like “Iron Man” and “Spiderman” franchises to some of the bigger pictures like the “Avenger” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies. Yet with all hits, there are misses, and in the case of the most recent movie in the Marvel cinematic universe, “Morbius,” there was a massive miss. 

With “Morbius,” the cons definitely outway the pros by a landslide. Yet, since I’m on the topic of the pros, let me discuss what was good about the movie, the very little that there is. In my opinion, the plot isn’t terribly bad. The whole premise of taking this man who is dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder and putting him in a situation where he can save other people like him, but have to sacrifice himself both physically and mentally, is a very compelling story. But still, when considering the acting, the actors, and the overall conflict into place, it slowly goes downhill. 

Starting off with the acting and the general casting in the film: Jared Leto, although an amazing actor, has already been known to have a bad reputation in the superhero world. Since the appearance in the debatably so-so movie, the “Suicide Squad” as the character Joker, people have been quick to judge him on his acting skills. While I wasn’t fully disappointed with his work, it still stood in the back of my mind while watching “Morbius.” While he played his character well, there were just little flaws that were easy to pin point during the movie. Things like how he interacted with other characters and the conflict, showed to be an issue in my mind. 

Now the other problem in my eyes is the conflict. While you can obviously tell that there is a conflict in the story, there are just so many errors on how it was structured. One of my reasons is that they never ended up giving a solid solution. Now I understand that Marvel movies love to end on big cliffhangers to make way for the sequels, but this ending made no sense. The only reason why that’s happening in the first place is because of the conflict never being resolved. Without a solid conflict resolution, it’s hard to make a good story. 

In conclusion, “Morbius” didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to be. The disappointment is there, since I had been anticipating the whole movie to begin with. Yet, now that I’ve seen it, I wish I could undo the excitement I had walking into the theatre. Don’t watch this film. Instead go await the new upcoming Marvel movies, like “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” or “Thor: Love and Thunder.” You’ll thank me later.