All of All Region

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All of All Region

Kelsey Burdick, Web Designer

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This year 37 Trail Blazers placed in the TMEA Region 24 All-Region Band.


All Region music was released earlier this school year, and band members across the district have been preparing. The competition involves three etudes that vary by instrument, and each instrumentalist plays a cut at competition.


There are two different auditions. Freshmen can audition for the 9th Grade Band, or they can play up and audition for full All Region. Full All Region is for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, who are ineligible to audition for the 9th Grade Band.


Freshmen auditions were held at Clark High School on November 28th. From Lebanon Trail, 12 students made the band.


Full All Region is has two phases, held on separate days. Phase One has everyone, and only some students go on to Phase Two. Phase Two determines who makes the bands. There are three bands; Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, and Concert. This year 25 Lebanon Trail students made one of the three bands.


Also, congratulations to Spencer Singer for making the TMEA All-State Jazz Band for guitar.


The students who made the bands are listed below.


9th Grade Band:

Namratha Thrikutam – Flute

Hailey Rasco – Flute

Harsha Ketavarapu – Clarinet

Neha Bajaj – Clarinet

David Li – Bass Clarinet

Luke Swanson – Bass Clarinet

Ryan Yoon – Tenor Trombone

Wesley Seeto – Tenor Trombone

Jamiah Dyer – Euphonium

Lauren McCord – Euphonium

Spencer Keen – Tuba

Christopher Rumbo – Tuba


5A Concert Band:

Tara Bowe – Flute

Ivy Park – Flute

Sophy Li – Clarinet

Luke Mello – Clarinet

Srinjoyi Lahiri – Clarinet

Surya Shankar – Clarinet

Shreeka Kumar – Trumpet

Mary Debes – F Horn

Aarti Aravapalli – F Horn

Joshua Weng – F Horn

Ethan Chan – Tuba


5A Symphonic Band:

Natasha Tsay – Flute

Alora Uva – Clarinet

Chloe Lee – Bass Clarinet

Ernest Wang – Alto Saxophone

Zain Kalson – Baritone Saxophone

Ethan Beltran – F Horn

Joshua Crossman – Euphonium

Emma Hicks – Euphonium

Riley McMahon – Tuba

Arvind Subramanian – Percussion

Kyne Sun – Percussion


5A Wind Ensemble Band:

Catherine Zhou – Flute*

Arianna Parks – F Horn*

Arianna Bohara – F Horn


*These students qualified for Area, a larger competition that will be scheduled in the future.