Winter Guard’s performance “A Soft Place to Land” will be performed on February 11


On Saturday, February 11 at Red Oak High School, the LTHS color guard will compete in the winter guard competition. Their show-stopping performance is called “A Soft Place to Land.” It’ll display the team’s artistic side, and includes flag, saber, and rifle spinning along with dance. 

“Winter guard is an indoor version of the marching season color guard. It’s more lyrical and revolves around dancing as well as movement. We spend more time perfecting our body movements and choreography than anything,” said LTHS color guard senior captain Ryan Webb. 

During winter guard the focus is much more on the team than it is during the marching season because marching season tends to focus on the band, with the guard just adding to the show. 

“Winter guard is a lot more condensed during marching season since mistakes are usually covered by the rest of the band. However, during winter guard it’s our time to showcase ourselves and put our performance in the spotlight, but every mistake is now on a larger scale.” Sophomore Lin Howard said. 

The team has more of a musical and theatrical aspect involved in the winter guard dance and is supplementary to the fall marching season. 

“Personally, I like winter guard better because at this point in the year, I already have a good bond with my team and most everyone is familiar with the equipment we use for performances,” Webb said. 

Whether it’s marching season or winter guard the team works for hours each week to perfect their skills, whether that’s in class or the hours spent after school for practice and rehearsal. 

“My team and I work about 18 hours a week, each week, and that doesn’t even include individual practice hours,” Freshman Savannah Durham said. 

For seniors, the last show tends to be nostalgic. 

“I can’t necessarily describe the emotions associated with my last performance, but I know it’ll be just like old times. I’ll be singing on the bus rides, going to concessions, and looking out into the crowd during the retreat.” Webb said. 

However, for freshmen, the excitement and nerves are palpable. 

“I am a bit nervous, I mean everyone is since it’s a first show, but I’m also really excited to perform,” Durham said. 

“It’s all about the memories being made,” Webb said.