Emerald Elite shines in their spring show

On Friday, April 21st, and Saturday, April 22nd the Emerald Elite performed their spring show in the LT auditorium. During the week leading up to the performances the team gave it their all, rehearsing every day after school. The dance numbers featured all types of dance styles such as tap, contemporary,  jazz, and the traditional high kick at the very end.


The theme this year’s spring show was “EE on the Runway”. Performances showcased pop culture, fashion, and music styles throughout time. 


“Everything was all about fashion and it included fashion icons, celebrities, and originality,” drill team director Whitney Cook said. “I have always wanted to do this theme, it’s been in the back of my head for a while and it was really fun to see it come to life.”


For some, this spring show was not only their last performance with the Emerald Elite, but also their final performance ever for dance. 


“I was really sad because this was gonna be my last time performing on a stage, but I was also very excited to perform for my friends and family. Mostly it was bittersweet,” senior Zynah Khan said. 


While this was Emerald Elite’s show they did however feature performances from the color guard and varsity cheer team. The color guard had a performance at the end of Act 1 to the song “Aquarius”, while cheer performed to “Gimme Gimme More” during Act 3.


“I absolutely love to feature all of our fine arts programs. I love to have cheer because they’re our spirited organization. I love color guard, they have dance training as well but it’s a different form of dance and they have those beautiful flags. It was just such a great opportunity to feature them,” Cook said. 


Throughout the show were there a variety of dance styles showcased, but also a variety of costumes. Each dance number featured different costumes which meant that some dancers had to change in under 90 seconds. 


“I really liked the costume from the pom routine, it was Madonna inspired and it was this short little white dress. It was really cute, it was probably my favorite one,” Khan said. 


During the finale of the show the team came out and performed their traditional high kick. This dance is also what the Emerald Elite performs at every football game. 

“My favorite dance was the finale because it’s such a fun, but also a very sentimental number. I loved getting to put on our uniforms one last time, and I think it’s a great way to end the show,” junior Olivia Tserng said.


Overall, “EE on the Runway” was a whole theatrical showcase put on by the Emerald Elite.