LSU wins NCAA National Championship first time in history


On April 2, 2023, LSU marks history for winning the NCAA Women’s Championship for the first time in history by winning against Iowa. Photo Credit: WWSA

April 2, 2023 marks history for the college of LSU. Coach Kim Mulkey has brought the Lady Tigers, not only to the college’s first NCAA National Championship against Iowa, but also to victory. 


The girls basketball team stayed in the lead the entire game ending the first quarter with 27 points, second with 59, third with 75, and taking it home in the fourth quarter with 102 points. 


The school of LSU has only made it to the second round of finals for girls basketball with the record being 97 points. 


After a three point shot made by LaDazhia Williams this broke the record for most points scored in a National Championship Game by any women’s basketball team. 


This win has made LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey the coach with the third-most championship wins of all time, with eight and never losing in a championship game.

In a game against Louisville, Caitlyn Clark waved her hand in front of her face after making a shot appearing to be taunting players on the opposing team. 


In Sunday’s game, in the fourth quarter after a shot made by Angel Reese, Clark’s “I can’t see you” move was used against her as well as following Caitlyn around pointing to her ring finger. Clark seemed to be ignoring Reese’s taunting but it’s been circling the media. When asked about the taunting in a post game interview, Clark says that she has “no idea” why that happened and she was “just trying to get to the handshake line and shake hands.” 


Despite that final moment with Reese on the court, Clark had only nice things to say about her opponent giving “all the credit to LSU they were tremendous. They deserve it and had a tremendous season and Kim Mulkey coached them so well.”


Guard, Alexis Morris, scored a total of 21 points in the National Championship game with 19 of them being scored after halftime. Morris showed up and showed out in the final quarter, shooting three-pointers the rest of the game getting LSU 17 points above Iowa. However, LaDazhia Williams made the shot that broke the record for most points scored, 97, in a National Championship Game. Her performance brought the head coach, Kim Mulkey, to tears on the sidelines, hugging Williams. 


After the win, the team had an interview and Angel Reese was given the title of being the star player on the team. While being grateful, she acknowledged Morris’s performance in the final half, bringing the team for a victory.