Freshman Hannah Bunion set new swimming records


Freshman Hannah Bunion continues broke two records during this semester. Photo Credit: Pickpik

Anoushka Kanitkar, Lead Staff

Over Thanksgiving break, freshman Hannah Bunion broke two school records at Dual Meet Champs. A member of the LTHS swim team, Bunion achieved her record breaking times through hard work and commitment. 


“I broke the 100 and 50 Free records, and I went a 57.89 in my 100 and a 27.00 in my 50,” Bunion said. 


Swimming, much like any other sport, involves a lot of practice to develop the important skills and speed swimmers need. 


“I practice twice a day every day except Saturdays [when I practice once], and I don’t practice on Sundays,” Bunion said. 


As to how she broke the record, Bunion doesn’t know exactly how it ended up happening. 


“I just kind of swam like I usually did, and it just happened,” Bunion said. 


Although the victory was unexpected, it didn’t come out of nothing. 


“I’ve been swimming since I was four, but I’ve been swimming competitively since I was nine… I actually started swimming because my parents didn’t want me to drown if we ever went to the beach, so they put me in swim lessons,” she said. 


Breaking school records is no easy task, and Hannah managed to break two of them in one meet. Watch the LTHS swim team in action at their next meet!