Weekly Editorial: PE enriches students and improves their lives


PE is a standard part of every teenager’s life. Most schools require the class to be taken before students graduate.  But does it do more harm than good?

PE class helps students perform better in their other classes because it provides a healthy balance between stress and fun during school. 

PE class incorporates exercise in a fun and collaborative way. Students are able to compete with others and practice multiple sports, or build their endurance through running or other forms of exercise. Exercise is crucial to maintain students’ health and releases hormones that help students focus and feel good, impacting their retention and focus in other classes. 

PE class is a way for students to destress during the school day, and does not have as much pressure as core classes. Students rarely have homework in PE and don’t have to worry about many assignments. PE will help students maintain a healthy balance between Advanced and AP classes and elective classes. They can relax and focus on improving their health and having fun with their classmates. 

Some might say that PE is a waste of time but ultimately it boils down to each student to determine how much work and effort they will put into the class to make it the best environment possible. If each student is willing to participate and work with others to maximize the opportunity provided for them, it will truly be a productive class for all. 

Students who do not want to take PE class should look into other options for PE credit, such as athletics or Outdoor Education. 

We believe that PE is beneficial in students’ lives and helps them in their other classes.