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Lebanon Trail High School News

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Lebanon Trail High School News

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Lebanon Trail High School News

The Vanguard

Premier Education or Poison?


Ivy League universities have always been considered the epitome of success and reserved for only the most academically gifted. But are these elite schools truly providing the best educational experience for their students? 


The intense academic atmosphere is one major concern regarding Ivy League colleges. Though all of the students who attend these universities undoubtedly put in extreme effort to earn their spot, working to get an acceptance letter is just the beginning of endless workloads and constant competition. These high-ranked universities put an unnecessary amount of pressure on their attendees, which weighs on the majority of those who attend, as seen through the endless documentation on mental health issues starting at an early age.


The constant high expectations only seem to dampen students’ motivation, as many see a decline in fulfillment within their work. This lack of passion only leads to burnout at a young age as students advance into their chosen careers.


Another cause for concern in these schools is their exclusive reputation and encouragement of elitism. Because of this culture within Ivy League universities, students may find themselves with a more narrow worldview, as there is little exposure to diversity. The demanding costs and favoritism for family legacies can also determine the students who attend these institutions, only perpetuating the idea that premier education is strictly for the wealthy and privileged.


Finally, the idea that Ivy League’s provide the best educational services in every field of study is not always true. While these schools offer excellent programs in areas such as law and health sciences, other universities provide an equally sound education in many areas as well. To be successful in post-secondary education, it is more important to find a college that fits the specific needs of the student, and not focus on whether the school name looks outstanding on paper.


Acknowledging the often disregarded downsides of Ivy League institutions, such as the intense academic atmosphere, elitism, and lack of significantly superior education, allows our society to look past how picture-perfect these schools are painted to be. Education should foster growth and passion, and the best experience for an individual should not be determined by how prestigious their college of choice is.

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