Weekly Editorial— Earth Day: Why is it important?


Credit: nwahomepage.com

52 years after the very first Earth Day, the event is still prominent in society. The very first Earth Day was established in 1970 and supported by Senator Gaylord Nelson. People around the world celebrate Earth Day to spread awareness for the environment. 

Earth Day is important because it ushers in a better future for the environment and for citizens. 

More laws have been passed supporting the environment since the introduction of Earth Day, such as the Clean Air Act, Water Quality Improvement Act, Endangered Species Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act. Earth Day promotes an increasing amount of government influence regarding the environment and ensures that citizens in the future will continue to protect it. Without the creation of Earth Day, these laws might not have been created and these laws are essential to continue the regulation of earth-friendly practices around the world.

Earth Day serves as a reminder for citizens to continue protecting the environment. To this day, people still celebrate Earth Day which demonstrates its effect on future generations. It provides ideas for people to enhance their community which will be an inspiration to many people. Earth Day allows citizens to contribute more to society as a group and individually. 

One counterargument for Earth Day is that it is used as an advertising platform for companies and “greenwash” them into buying non eco-friendly products. While this is an issue, this does not mean that Earth has to be forever tarnished by those using it as a scam.

On Earth Day, and other days, make sure to continue conserving resources and doing your part to maintain the environment. Even if it’s simply recycling materials at home, or picking up litter at school, every small action can make a big difference. 

People around the world should continue to celebrate Earth Day because it inspires action to make the world a better place.