Baseball coaches are ready to strike again


Sliding into home base, tumbling across the field, sprinting with all their might past bases and bases— this is the routine of every baseball player. 

Baseball is an intense sport, with teeth clenching moments woven into each play. Game after game, batters are battered, and players use all their might to swing hit after hit.

“What I love about baseball is the mental aspect of the game,” baseball coach Jay Story said. “It’s one of the more difficult games to play, but it doesn’t look difficult to play.”

The baseball season is coming up fast, and LTHS is gearing up for a season of wins.

“For this year, I expect to compete for a playoff spot,” Story said. “Our district is tough, so it won’t be easy, but we have the talent to compete with every team in the district.”

Freshman baseball player Wyatt Woods said he is gearing up for the season. 

My favorite part about baseball is the relationships built between me and my teammates and it being such a mentally demanding sport,” Woods said.

  With the Varsity team gearing up for this tough season and putting their game faces on, lots of work is being put in from the coach’s standpoints.

“I’ve actually tried to change the way I coach this year,” Story said. “I have tried to be more positive with everything instead of focusing on negatives. My goal is that every player, whether they like me or not, knows that I care for them.”

Positions have been contested this year, and competition is high for LTHS baseball spots.

“For some players, they struggle with competition (thinking they are constantly in danger of losing their job),” Story said. “For others, it elevates their play because they respond to the challenge of having someone breathing down their neck.”