Why I dislike high school couples


Graphic Credit: Ethan Wu

Ah yes, high school. A place of learning, hormones, more coffee consumption than a middle aged man, and pre pubescent to too pubescent kids. 

Nevermind, I lied. 

There’s not really a lot of learning here. 

But yes, high school! Full of so many unnecessaries. Unnecessary essays, unnecessary homework, unnecessarily small amount of school lunch, unnecessary amount of people everywhere…

Unnecessary couples. 

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. High school couples are unnecessary. Annoying even. What’s the point of dating in high school when the majority of couples break up in the first two weeks? And why do they have to make it so known? 

Their PDA (Public Displays of Affection) is frankly frustratingly disgusting. What is their goal in making everyone in their general vicinity aware that these two people are engaging in a romantic relationship? 

A friend of mine goes into depth about her deeply upsetting encounter with an average high school couple making out in the back of the hallway while another girl sat not even six feet away from them, trying to do her homework.

This type of behavior isn’t uncommonly seen in the species known as “High School Couples” and they will continue to make their presence known throughout the duration of their unlikely long lasting relationship. 

Out of all the obnoxious things one could do while in a relationship, they check the majority or all of the boxes. A buzzfeed article reveals annoying things couples do and High School Couples reach the majority of them. 

Things such as referring to themselves as “we” all the time, talking about the other all the time, posting about the other on social media, cringe pet names, and engaging in hardcore PDA are all things that are incredibly annoying to the common man of people who aren’t in relationships. I dub them the “Relatable Ones”. 

Also the ones that are the victims, suffering through all the couples in prime puppy love season. They go through their everyday lives, hoping to get through yet another day, but then they are trapped and forced to partake in the activity of watching the couples be couple-y. 

The worst part is that they are infectious and seemingly unavoidable. If there is one friend group, the average number of couples will alternate between one to three, usually even leading to interchangeably dating within the said friend group. 

This is unacceptable behavior. Is school not a place to further your education and learn? How am I and so many other countless victims supposed to partake in enhancing our future when there are these heathens sucking faces everywhere? 

Most horrendously of all, they are relentless. In my experience, these couples do not stop being sappy for anything. Not even while eating. They will engage in the horrible act of holding hands while you’re eating your salad, they have absolutely no fear. They’ll hug for far too long while you’re just contemplating life and you have to pretend a nearby door is the most interesting thing in the world as a way to not feel awkward. 

In conclusion, I hate High School Couples (HSC) and I am not apologetic in the slightest about it.