The Life of a Track and Field Athlete


Shreenidhi Kunta, Staff Reporter

With the track and field season slowly approaching, athletes are preparing for a successful year. 


“I wanted to do some sport this year, but I didn’t know what [to choose],” freshman Sanjana Vipperla said. “I figured why not track and field because it requires the least amount of skills but still is effective in giving you a workout.” 


The first meet of the spring season will be held on Feb. 18, and athletes are excited for the challenge that it comes with.


“My favorite part about track is that it challenges you,” Vipperla said. “In other words, you are motivated to work hard.”


Despite the sport’s hardships and challenges, Vipperla believes by putting in effort, one can immediately see their results. 


Students currently enrolled in track often have aspirations of pursuing it in the future.


“I will mostly continue in college,” Vipperla said. “As of high school, I would like to take it in maybe [my] junior year again.