Girls wrestling strives for improvement


Thanisshka Lognathan, Staff Reporter

Girls are active participants in almost every sport at LTHS. Not only do they dominate competitions, but their strive for these sports is never underestimated. Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports and that reputation still stands in the community today because of the girls on the team.

One talented female wrestler is freshman Emma Ward, who has showcased her wrestling abilities multiple times when competing for district events. Events like these shape the way wrestlers perform their techniques and grow with them. 

“My favorite move in wrestling is my signature pin,” Ward said. “It’s called the starfish, where I basically just roll on top of the other person and stick them to the ground. They hate it. They hate it so much, but it won me at least six rounds.”

The one thing that brings out your passion for a sport is being able to showcase it. However, practice makes perfect and is one of the most important things to do before a wrestling match. 

“During wrestling practices, we start off with jogging and then we practice tumbling, then learn a new wrestling move,” Ward said. “I practice cardio and focus on strength.” 

Wrestling is a sport that needs guidance and support. Many coaches at LTHS have helped athletes improve in their sport. Assistant Wrestling Coach Caitlin Hohmann has been wrestling since high school and displays her experience with the athletes she is training.

“I love helping kids navigate themselves,” Hohmann said. “Wrestling requires a certain amount of discipline and accountability compared to other sports. In terms of maintaining your weights and when you step out on the mat, win or lose, the results are all yours. You don’t have to share it with anyone and we have all the glory.” 

Wrestling comes with wins and losses. Although the wins allow you to feel like a talented wrestler, it is the losses that help you grow.

“We have a young team as far as growth,” Hohmann said. “Eva Hampton has grown exponentially from where I saw her. When I first started looking at her previous year’s record, she was exponentially growing. All of them have made improvements, even with our losses.”

Being passionate, motivated, and committed to any sport is something every coach and team looks for. Sports have shown schools that girls can do it too. Building a community of athletes is challenging and the wrestling team has shown everyone that hard work always pays off.