Students and staff keep high spirits for the upcoming Super Bowl


Graphic Credit: Wu, Ethan February 11, 2022

Fans scramble to buy different varieties of chips, prepare their football jerseys, and wager on the winning team as the 56th Super Bowl draws nearer and nearer. The Super Bowl is the annual playoff championship of the national football league and many people across the nation tune in to their local news station to watch this classic event. You can watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 13 at 5:30 CT on NBC. 

Brent Pradia, Defensive Coach for the LTHS football team, described how the increase in the level of intensity and motivation in the postseason adds its appeal.

“I really think that when the NFL plays in the postseason games, [compared] to the regular season games you see them put a lot more effort [in]to winning,” Pradia said. 

Freshman Phoebe Enriquez explained her favorite part about watching the Super Bowl and how the Super Bowl is the ultimate deciding factor on which team is the best for the football season.

“I’d say most people watch the Super Bowl for the Halftime show, but another thing that is very interesting to me about watching Super Bowls is seeing how the two teams compete,” Enriquez said. “They’re the best teams of the season and seeing how they’ll play in the end can determine who is the best of the best which makes it very interesting.”

Freshman Pia Triguni shared why the Super Bowl is fascinating to watch and some of her Super Bowl rituals.

“My favorite part about watching the Super Bowl is that I always watch it with family and friends and there’s always a huge party for it,” Triguni said. “We all place bets or do crazy dares, also it’s thrilling to watch. I personally love watching football so, of course, the Super Bowl is always a big deal to me.”

Pradia talked about how he is not cheering for any team this year and is just looking forward to watching the game.

“I’m not rooting for any team,” Pradia said. “That’s the one thing about being a football coach, you just like watching football. [If] I would say I had a favorite team, me being from Houston, I grew up in Houston, I would say the Houston Texans would be my favorite team. Now for me to be watching the game, it doesn’t have to be the Houston Texans. It can be any football team.”

On the other hand, Triguni shared which team she’s rooting for and believes that the Rams’ are capable of winning. 

“I am rooting for the Rams! Go Rams! Because I think they have a lot of [potential] to knock out the Bengals,” Triguni said. “Their offensive line is amazing and their defense gets good hits when the offense is attacking. Their stats are very high and they played well every game.”

Enriquez said she is also favoring a Rams win and shared her opinion on which team she thinks will win this year.

“[I’m supporting the] Rams, because I’m not fully sure how the Bengals play, but I saw how the Rams played versus the Cardinals and the Cowboys and they slaughtered them,” Enriquez said. 

Triguni described what makes the Super Bowl a memorable event each and every year.

“I think what makes the Super Bowl so special every year, well at least to me, it’s the recurring competitiveness that erupts in our family,” Triguni said. “We all come together to discuss who’s gonna win and who’s probably going to lose. It’s always such a fun and exciting event for all of us. I could say that it’s the event we look forward to the most every year.”