Girls basketball continues to strive for success


Anoushka Kanitkar, Staff Reporter

The LTHS girls basketball recently started their playing season, and they have played various games and tournaments since the beginning of it. For students who don’t attend the games, the team’s progress in wins and losses is a mystery.

Jordan Ferris, a freshman player on the girls team, believes that the season has been going well so far. 

“We just started a couple weeks ago, and so far we’ve done really [well] and I think we’ve progressed since the first day,” Ferris said.

The head basketball coach, Jonathan Lee, also believes that the season is going well. However, there are some threats to the team that both he and Jordan worry about as they enter the district competitions. 

“I truly believe that we’re in one of the most difficult districts in the state… there’s 10 teams, it’s one of the biggest districts in the state, so it’s really competitive to keep those top four spots,”  Lee said. “It’s tough, you’ve always got to be prepared for Liberty… Lone Star was last year’s district champion, Memorial is up there battling for district championship as well, with Liberty. So, those three are the top teams, Reedy is a tough team – we played them last night – so it’s hard to pick one.”

Ferris usually enjoys basketball, and this year is no different to her and her teammates.

“We do practice with varsity and JV, so we get to meet a lot of upperclassmen and we get to form bonds that are just, really great,” Ferris said.

As with many sports, the team also travels around Texas rather than just staying in the Plano and Frisco area. 

“We’ve traveled to Forney, Texas, which is about an hour, hour and a half out, we’ve gone to North Mesquite, Carrollton, Irving,” Ferris said. “I think those are the biggest places, the rest are mostly in the Frisco area.” 

In terms of wins and losses, the team has been doing pretty well.

“I think [we’ve won] about four, maybe five,” said Ferris. “Not counting a tournament, we’ve played five games and won three.” 

Even though each person on the team may have their own goals to reach this season, the basketball coach has a few that he wants to achieve with the team. 

“Our biggest goal is just to continue to get better, and I know that sounds very generic and simple, but for us we want each game to be better than the last,”: Lee said. “And sometimes we take two steps forward and one back but we want to make sure that we keep moving forward.”

The LTHS basketball teams will continue their season until February, and you can go watch them at many of their nearby games, whether they’re home or away, to support our home team!