Life of a Freshman Color Guard Member


Photo Credit: Anya Biju

The band plays as flags sway from side to side. It’s the perfect setting for the color guard members to show off their talent. They have worked hard for the past few months, preparing for the state marching band competition. Regardless of the challenges in color guard, Anya Biju, a freshman color guard member, found it to be worthwhile.

“When I saw the color guard video last year, the bond that the team had and all the fun they had traveling to games made me want to try something like that in my first year of high school,” Biju said.

Many students in the color guard have never done any flag twirling before, but despite being beginners, Biju said they found it easy to catch on and learn as they go. 

“I was talking to my captain about past performances and I was watching a lot of previous performances,” Biju said.

She added that the most valuable thing about being in color guard isn’t the flag twirling, but rather the ability to be with friends.

“The bond that our whole color guard team has and traveling to games and competitions is the best,” Biju said. “It’s the best part because you get to meet all these new people and grow with them throughout the season.”

Teamwork is a big part of being in the color guard, as it is an art that must be perfected as a group. As with any sport, skill and technique must also be practiced.

“The most difficult part was learning the choreography and using our face and body to communicate with the audience,” Biju said.

Nevertheless, the color guard members keep on working to get better. The commitment to the sport is fierce because they have several practice sessions.

“We had practices in the summer,” Biju said. “Sometimes before school and after school.”

Even though it may be difficult, Biju knows that it will be worthwhile doing.

“I would say summer and after-school practices are hard because you are in the heat for a long time but as time goes on, you get used to it and it is all worth it in the end,” Biju said.