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    Singles Inferno Season 3: The Review

    Singles Inferno Netflix Cover Page

    If I said, “singles, listen up” most of you would look this way, no offense. And should you look this way, I would share with you the latest gossip from a korean reality show Singles Inferno. Not season 1 or season 2, but season 3. Since the season has wrapped up, I just want to let things sink in. 


    So, here’s my review: 



    Singles Inferno, as mentioned in my last article, is a Korean Reality Dating Show, where singles meet up at a hot, deserted “island”. While they’re there, they have to get to know each other, and are asked to select someone at the end of the day. If a girl and a guy chooses each other, they will go to paradise, which is an expensive and elegant hotel, where they can reveal information about each other (age and occupation). Unfortunately, if you don’t get selected, participants will stay in the inferno.


    Review of the Season 3 Juicy Participants because the others are boring (Min-Ji, Gwan Hee, Gyuri, Hye-Seon, and Ha-Jeong): 

    Lee Gwan Hee: Although he is a major red-flag, he made the show interesting. And let me tell you why he’s a red flag. He took an interest in three girls in the beginning, one of which he gave up on. During campfire bonding, with all of the participants, he referred to the girls as “her, her, and her” and explained that he liked each girl 33%, and he would leave the 1% open to other options.Initially, he pursued Yun Ha-Jeong, Choi Hye-seon, and Kim Gyuri. After Kim Gyuri expressed distaste for his actions, he stopped pursuing her. Of course, when a new female participant entered the show, guess who his eyes were on. I guess that 1% really did leave a big impression on him. That participant, Cho Minji, left Gwanhee divided by two girls at the end of the show: Hye-Seon and Minji. Ha Jeong was out of Gwanhee’s 33% boat as well. He later referred to Minji as girlfriend material and Hye-Seon as wifey material, which was absolutely disgusting, in my opinion. 

    Cho Minji: Although she came in the middle of the show, Minji caught the attention of the guys pretty quickly. At first, she took a liking to Jin Seok, a participant who had his eyes on only one girl, who expressed a subtle disinterest in him at the beginning of the show. Because of this, Jin Seok tried to get to know Minji, and they went to paradise together. However, although they got along, they came back and his eyes were only on one-woman. Good for him, for staying loyal. Soon, Min Ji took interest in Gwan Hee. I personally hated Minji’s behavior on the show, because she acted like a pick-me girl. Her pajamas in paradise with Gwanhee were purple lingerie. Which were purposely trying to show skin and catch Gwanhee’s attention. However, even when Gwanhee wasn’t going to paradise with Min Ji,  she would try to make moves on him. For example, on the helicopter ride to paradise, Min Ji, who picked Min Kyu to go to paradise with, because Gwan Hee was chosen by Hye-Seon, was bothering Gwanhee by nipping him on the arm while he was next to his date. Worst of all, she started crying when he didn’t respond to her baby-like behavior. 

    Hye Seon: Honestly, I don’t have much to say about her because she was amazing. She stayed true to one guy, Gwan Hee and also told  him, face-to-face, that she doesn’t like a guy who doesn’t know what he wants. Especially a guy like him, who’s mind sways after talking to a girl. 

    Ha Jeong: Ha Jeong, who was as egoistic as Gwan Hee, clicked with him and kept his ego in check. She also stayed true to him in the end, however, Gwan Hee after returning to paradise, had gotten a chance to talk with the other girls more than Ha Jeong, and so his interest faded. However, I loved Ha Jeong, and her attitude kept the show very funny and comedic. She is also rumored to be joining the host panel in the next season, which I am super excited about. 

    Gyuri: She’s a red flag, is all I can say. Although she was split between two guys, one of the guys had taken interest in another girl more than Gyuri, and Gyuri reacted like an obsessive girlfriend. She told the guy, Choi Min Woo, that he was like Gwan Hee, which is an insult in itself, and proceeded to react very harshly and possessively. She was just not it. 


    Going back to season 3: 

    Overall, whoever casted the participants needed a big applause. This season was so dramatic and juicy to watch, especially when you have three girls chasing after one guy. That’s right! And it’s because one guy has decided to pursue his interest in three girls. These girls are also significantly younger than him. His name, Lee Gwanhee, and the three girls he pursues, Choi Hye-seon, Cho Min-Ji, and Yun Ha-Jeong. The female participants seemed to form some groups among themselves in the show, so overall, the vibe of the show wasn’t very friendly or outgoing between the females. The men though, formed an instantaneous connection, and it’s very noticeable that they’ve got each other’s backs. I enjoyed the suspense in this season, because there were two infernos, instead of one at the beginning, and because of that participants didn’t know everyone until later. I think there could have been more variety with the jobs, since most of the girls were models, including some guys, and it wasn’t a very satisfying or suspenseful job reveal. 

    Overall, it was super fun to watch, and I’m really excited for season 4!

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