Renaissance Fair brings traditions and new activities alive in Texas

Every year, throughout early April to late May, the town of Waxahachie, Texas hosts their very own Scarborough Renaissance Festival. The ‘Ren Fair’, as many like to call the event, consists of many shows, shops, and food all themed around the Renaissance Era which took place throughout the 14th century to the 17th century. 

On the 7th of May, I took a day trip to Waxahachie in order to attend the festival. Ever since my elementary school days, the ren fair has always been a tradition that I was lucky enough to have. I never stopped going because I always loved how easily you can express yourself there, being able to step into a world where no one tries to dull down your fantasies. 

There are several events that take place at the fair, one of the biggest ones being the food and drinks. From the five separate food courts scattered around the property, to the numerous moving food carts that carry a wide variety of snacks, the options are endless. Some festival foods include a giant roasted turkey leg, Scottish eggs, and one of the largest food-on-a-stick selection in all of Texas. My personal favorite dish I had while at the festival had to have been the orange flavored italian ice. After all the walking around in the hot sun, all you need to have is a nice, cold, refreshing italian ice. 

Another big factor to the success of the fair is the 20+ stages of continuous live entertainment. The diversity in activities is such a game changer. Around every corner there is a new show, many of the shows are family friendly and some are the complete opposite. Many of the shows are very audience heavy, constantly calling out for volunteers or participation from the many fair-goers. Fan favorites include jousting, the birds of prey exhibition, and even the grande parade. 

Now for my absolute favorite part of the whole experience, the small shops. Most of the stores and kiosks are run and operated by small businesses who partner with the ren fair in order to expand their business. It honestly brightens my day to see people getting excited over someone’s hard work! My favorite ones have to be the many crystal stands, having a variety of different gems and jewelry, many at a reasonable price. More shops include apparel and accessories, many different forms of art, and services like face painting and hair braiding. 

The Renaissance Festival is an experience of a lifetime, a place where you can make memories you’ll remember for a really long time. The fair is closing for the year on May 29 (2023), but if you don’t get a chance to go, next year is just another opportunity to experience something incredible.