The Mandela Effect is… Real?


False Memory…

             An effect where people remember things differently then from what it was. This can be seen in the so called “Mandela Effect,” which was given its name due to the fact that the famous historical figure, Nelson Mandela, was thought dead in prison even though he actually died in 2013.


The Mandela Effect can be seen in numerous famous figures, like the Monopoly Man:


    The “Monopoly Man” is the mascot of the Monopoly games. He is seen with his cane or some cash and always sports his top hat, suit and monocle. Wait, monocle? The “Monopoly Man” actually doesn’t have a monocle; he never has had one. This is false memory in action, because we assume a rich man would have one.


Curious George is an animated TV show where the main character is Curious George, a monkey who wants to learn more about the world. The man with the yellow hat is the one who has helped him all his life. He with his 2 arms, 2 legs, and his tail. Wait a Tail? Curious george never had a tail in either the show or the book. People think that because he is a monkey he would have a tail that he could hang from… but no, he has never had a tail.


Another example is Fruit Loops, a breakfast with a toucan mascot. The cereal is fruit flavored rings. Now it would makes sense that is would be called Fruit Loops, but its not. They’re called Froot Loops because the the O’s are made of the froot loops.


The hippocampus is the part of your brain that stores memory. Now, memory loss can be accounted to numerous things like age, Alzheimer’s, emotional problems, and mental diseases.


Did you think the monopoly man had a monocle, Or curious George’s Tail, or Froot Loops spelling? Let us know.