What is Really inside… Area 51?


Area 51 is a military base in Nevada. The contents of this mysterious base is fueling theories about what’s inside. From aliens to UFOs, to secret planes in the sky and all sorts of other super secret government projects, the puzzles of Area 51 plague US citizens to this day. However, what we do know is…


  1. It’s an air force base in Southern Nevada.
  2. The only confirmed use is as a air flight testing base(like the U-2).
  3. The Freedom of Intelligence Act proved that Area 51 did exist.
  4. In 2018, Area 51 was made visible on Google Maps.


That’s all we know but eye witness accounts are another story…

  1. Locals in Nevada spot UFOs above the military base.
  2. Robert Lazar who worked in Area 51 claimed there were aliens in it.
  3. In Arizona, strange lights were seen in the sky.


Lebanon Trail Students also have theories about what’s inside Area 51…


Brendan Quiggle: “Uh top secret military projects”

Jack Wittenbrook: “Mutated Lobsters”

Noah Crayton: “Government bombs and intel on unethical stuff”

Zachary Widner: “the Smash DLC which I wrote an article over”

Jacob Bernardini (RHS): “I know the cliche answer is aliens, but in reality I think the US is hiding Jesus in there”

Jasmin Khan: “They’re hiding dead people… or dead aliens”


There isn’t much confirmed about Area 51, but there are plenty of mysterious events and sightings in the area… What do y’all think is in Area 51?