The Earth is in fact…

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Zack Bernius

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Through the years there has been a debate if the earth is really round or is it another shape, and has the government have been lying to us? There is evidence to back both sides of the argument whether or not the earth is round or flat…

To start off we need to argue on facts that both sides think are true…


  1. Gravity, you can not deny that if you drop something it will fall to the ground.
  2. The sun; there is a sky and a sun and a moon that appear at certain times.
  3. We breathe oxygen that plants make from CO2.


That is where most people stop agreeing and start to argue…


Let’s start with the more accepted theory of the world being in fact round. People think the Earth is round because of many facts…


  1. NASA had circled the earth in space and took photos which are available to everyone on the internet.
  2. The earth is on an axis and we spin, and that’s what changes the seasons/time.
  3. We can fly both ways around the globe and sail around it so you can’t fall off.
  4. Every map made today had a distorted effect and so the map is warped. People make globes for a reason.


This is strong evidence, but still some people think the earth is flat…


  1. Old Vikings told stories of falling off the earth and how there isn’t proof that there isn’t an edge to the earth.
  2. Nasa could be lying in order to gain for public approval by photoshopping photos of the earth being round when it isn’t.
  3. If the earth was round, why haven’t the oceans fallen off the side of the planet yet? Water falls off soccer balls, which are round. Water stays on plates, which are flat.
  4. Shoes… If the earth was round then shoes would be curved but all shoes are flat in order to walk on a earth that is flat.


There is support for both sides of the argument leading to fights, conventions, petitions, and people trying to launch themselves into space.


What do you think?


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