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Humans of LT: Keerthana Saravanan, 2023-2024 Choir President

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What makes a good leader is not their ability to give orders and flaunt their authority, but rather their disposition to empower others and lead with patience. This kindness, and readiness to diffuse positiveness, is one of the many reasons why Keerthana Saravanan, a senior here at LTHS, fits the role of Choir president perfectly. 


Saravanan explained how she has always loved the way that anyone can feel a deep connection with music, regardless of their standing in life or personal experience. Due to this fascination, there has always been some sort of musical presence in her life, whether by her own making or some other occurrence. 


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been engaged in some type of activity related to singing,” she said, “but it wasn’t until I moved to America in fourth grade that I officially joined choir.”


The president explained that her long journey in choir has left a definite mark in her life and, whenever she thinks about her Middle or High School memories, choir rehearsals and moments shared with friends are always present. However, Saravanan explained that her long participation in Choir has also had its complications. 


“Since you need to be willing to dedicate a lot of your time to it, it can be a little daunting at first. Especially when it comes to dividing time between your academics and everything else you need to do,” Saravanan said. “However, It’s not that bad once you figure out how to divide your time as efficiently as possible between your academic responsibilities and extracurriculars. You just need to very very particular about the way you work and what’s most beneficial for you.”  


When asked about the duties of a Choir President, Saravanan explained that it’s not just about leading or individual planning; a lot derives from the help of the other officers. 


“As president, I organize events and competitions, making sure that maximum efficiency and proactivity is reached,” she said, voicing a summary of the President’s role. “But I also divide tasks equally within the other officers so that the department runs smoothly and justly for everyone involved. Because at the end of the day, Choir is not an individual thing, and just like everyone is invited to participate, everyone also needs to be proactive so that the department can reach its fullest potential.” 


During the conversation, Saravanan was asked if she’d like to give some advice to future Choir presidents. 


“Don’t overstrain yourself, and don’t expect to do everything without the help of your officers, they’re there to help you,” she said. “Also don’t forget that communication is the key.” 


Adding on, she then gave general advice to upcoming choir members. 


“Just enjoy yourself and participate in any activity that you can, because you’ll make a lot of fond High School memories.”


During the interview, Saravanan was very kind and easygoing, and when asked about her other passions she paused for a second, seemingly contemplating the question. She explained that since High School took up much of her day-to-day she tried to enjoy her free time by doing something fun. Sometimes she plays her favorite songs on her ukulele, tutors her neighbor’s kid, or dog-sits whenever she can. Which, she explained very animatedly, she’s very happy about since she loves dogs, especially golden retrievers. 


“I also like books, and I recently finished one that I was buddy reading with my best friend,” she said. “And I love watching movies, Disney ones in particular. There are just so many childhood memories attached to them.” 


There was a moment during the conversation when we went on a tangent about Disney movies and which ones were the best. But to summarize, Saravanan firmly stated that no movie could dethrone her top two. 


“Tangled and Aladdin, for sure,” she said, in response to a question about her favorites. “Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching them since forever, but I love them. They also have great soundtracks.” 


At the mention of music, the conversation steered back towards that topic, and Saravanan had a parting message for anyone that has ever been interested in anything related to it. 


“Just give it a shot, you never know what you’re missing on if you don’t try it.” 

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