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“Night Has Come” Movie Review


Disclaimer: SPOILERS, GORY

“Night Has Come” is a Korean mystery, thriller, and horror show that has gained lots of popularity in Korea and K-drama fans internationally. Popular K-dramas in the U.S. such as “Business Proposal” and “Crash Landing On You” are both heavy in romance and slice of life. “Night Has Come” is very different compared to those. Some could compare it to “Squid Game” or “Alice in Borderland” as all three shows are survival based. Unlike “Squid Game” or “Alice in Borderlands”, “Night Has Come” can be considered even darker than those shows as it features more emotional attachment to characters before they are cruelly killed off. 

The premise of the show is simple. A class of high school students go on a field trip and end up stranded without Wi-Fi or adults, blocked from all outside contact. While they are on their field trip, they are forced to play a deadly game of Mafia. The students are killed off by either murder or getting voted off as their classmates watch them kill themselves. The unique plot of the show is one of the things I like about it. It’s not done very often and usually not as well as “Night Has Come” did it. 

Another thing I really liked about the show is how the characters are portrayed. Each character in the show gets at least one moment in the spotlight. I truly mean every character. Even if it is just a small moment, you get to see who the character really is. Every character gets to shine in the show, even the villains. What I’ve seen a lot of these days are redeemable villains that have a good reason for doing what they’re doing and are usually likable. With “Night Has Come”, most of the villains are extremely unlikable. They are truly evil and I love that the show and the acting don’t try to sugarcoat their actions. 

The show is genuinely great but there is one major flaw. (Spoilers ahead) In the end, the main character finds out that the Mafia game was all a simulation. While I understand that it does make sense in the plot that the game would most likely be a simulation, I just think that it was a very sloppy way to finish off the series and the ending should’ve had more depth to it. 

Even with its unsatisfying ending “Night Has Come” is an amazing show that I feel many thriller fans should watch as everything – aside from the disappointing ending – is great. 

You can watch “Night Has Come” on Netflix.

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