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Trolls Band Together Movie Review


‘Trolls’, a popular kids movie series that was released in September of 2016 and has gone on to release two more sequels. ‘Trolls World Tour’, released in 2020, and ‘Trolls Band Together’, which was recently released this November, and it has been a hot topic in pop culture surprisingly enough.

With a niche corner in the internet, many creative trends have come out of the movie from the covers of the songs in the movie. While TBT(Trolls Band Together) may seem like any silly kids movie, it is actually a movie that is surprisingly well made for its intended audience and could be enjoyed by individuals of any age.

The most impressive part of the movie was the soundtrack. It isn’t a surprise that the songs would be good in TBT as the whole Trolls universe is based on music, but the songs exceeded my expectations. One of the songs that really stood out to me was, ‘Watch Me Work’. It introduced the main villains of the movie, Violet and Veneer, and their whole motive in the movie. The song explains how the two worked hard for their fame when in reality the audience knows that their “talent” was stolen.

Another song I really enjoyed was ‘Better Place’ which was sung at the end of the movie. The song had a boy band, One Direction vibe to it which fit the boy band in the movie very well. The song is very catchy and has gone viral on TikTok even having its own dance choreography to it. Overall, the movie’s songs were probably the best part of the movie.

I will say one of the things that the movie lacked was the plot. It was a very generic plot that could be guessed within the first five minutes of watching the movie. The main premise of the movie was just the protagonists and the villains stealing talent from one of the main supporting characters. There was no room in the plot to expand on the troll world except for Poppy’s sister, but it was very brief and didn’t even matter to the main plot in any sort of way. Another thing about the plot that I didn’t like was that it moved too fast.

There was a whole subplot about a long-lost sister in the movie that was very well foreshadowed in the beginning and was mentioned multiple times throughout the movie but was only explored for about five to ten minutes before they moved on to the next part of the movie. There were many questions left unanswered at the end of the movie and I think many parts of the plot that shouldn’t have been in the movie. 

I also couldn’t feel any emotional attachment to any of the characters in the movie as everything was rushed through. In the movie, they try to convince the main band to join back together and it seemed to the audience that it would take a bit of struggle to do so but in reality, there was no convincing. The band members just willingly got back together. There was really no struggle for the main characters in the movie, it was almost like everything was just handed to them. To me, the plot was really lackluster and generic and could have improved on many points.

Overall the movie was a good first time watch. It is not a movie I would rewatch but a movie that I would watch with younger kids as a first pick. There haven’t been many good kids movies these days and I am glad that ‘Trolls Band Together’ has started to change some of that. I think it is a good watch with your family and I would recommend it for people who are bored and like to watch the most random movies. You can watch Trolls Band Together now in theaters or on Peacock.

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Tiffany Chen is currently in her sophomore year at LT. She is excited to continue writing for Vanguard News this year. She enjoys editorial writing because it is a way to express her opinion and personality. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, scrolling on Tik Tok, and playing video games.  Contact Info - [email protected]

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    JenniferJan 31, 2024 at 7:45 pm

    Not to mention that it reunited NSYNC