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I think we’ve seen this film before, and we really liked the ending… – Eras Tour Movie Review


Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie swept through theatres worldwide during October and provided an ultimate watching experience for Swifties. Here is our review of the movie and theatre ambience:



  • People singing and dancing 
  • Made it seem/feel like the actual concert  
  • Chants 


Carmen: As soon as I bought my tickets for the Eras Tour Film I was counting down the minutes until my show’s date, October 14th, just so I could experience that memorable and life changing night all over again. As we approached opening night, I saw countless videos of people getting ready for the movie, and I reminisced of the months before the tour opened on March 17th, 2023. How everyone was ridden with exhilaration and excited anticipation. To create something remotely similar to that feeling takes a lot of effort and love, and Swift demonstrated it masterfully throughout the movie. Her passion for what she does permeated through the screen, and it made everyone feel the magic of the show—whether for the first time ever or not—with impeccable clarity. As soon as I walked into the theater, with Cruel Summer in full blast within the auditorium, I saw a long row of girls dancing and singing, and I knew at that moment that everyone here was going to embrace their inner swiftie without limitations. The crowd’s willingness to be “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time” made everything infinitely better. 


Friendship bracelets:

  • The bracelets traded included inside jokes and song titles
  • I was unable to trade bracelets on the first night, however during my second time viewing it, was able to trade four


Addie: Friendship bracelets have become a Swiftie symbol. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to trade bracelets and relive that bonding experience that Swift encouraged during her concerts. I believe that trading friendship bracelets helps foster joy throughout the Swiftie community and is an overall positive experience that also provides a cute accessory to keep.



  • Colored Eras Tour cup
  • Large Popcorn Tub


Addie: The merch pieces available for purchase are a fun keepsake to have and a great way to immortalize the experience! They are great quality and take after her traditional Eras Tour merch. The merch pieces include a colored tumbler that was modeled after her mug sold on her website and a large popcorn tub. With purchase of the tub, people can choose whether or not they would like to fill it up with popcorn, most likely with the intent to preserve the tub. If you choose to get popcorn with it, they have an option for an edible color addition sprinkled on top of the popcorn/


Eras Tour review (Carmen’s version): 

The Eras Tour movie was absolutely phenomenal in every way; the sound, production, and visuals were so magnificently done that it brought me back in time to April 2nd, when I was lucky enough to watch her live concert at the AT&T stadium. Additionally, AMC Theatres did not shy away from accommodating Taylor Swift’s fans in every way possible: they were very lenient with the crowd in regards of singing and dancing; while it’s expected of viewers to remain silent during screenings, everyone was on their feet and twirling to the beat of Taylor’s many songs throughout the entire three-hour long movie. In other words, the experience was definitely memorable, not only because of the way the movie encapsulates the magical and transcendent essence of Swift’s concert, but also because being surrounded by so many people who are equally passionate about it makes everything feel infinitely more magical. I will never forget the thrill that ran through me as I entered the theater and immediately heard all the other girls screaming the lyrics of Cruel Summer. I was overwhelmed with joy that I was experiencing a top girlhood moment, just like when I watched the live show.


Eras Tour Review (Addie’s Version):

I absolutely adored watching the Eras Tour Movie! I watched the movie twice, the first time on Oct. 13 with my friends and the second time on Oct. 21 with my mom. I was so happy to relive the Eras Tour concert with my friends as we attended her concert back on March 31. The movie itself was a cinematic masterpiece. Getting to see Swift’s action up close and from different perspectives such as from the perspective of the man in “Tolerate It” from the Evermore set, added to the personalized effect of the movie. The transitions between each era were seamless, starting with Lover and capping off the show with Midnights, and my favorite eras to rewatch were Red and 1989. Also, watching the movie helped me notice small details such as the different Taylor Eras inside the boxes during “Look What You Made Me Do” and the dented car during “Blank Space”. Although all the songs from her tour could not be included in the movie, there were Eras Tour bloopers and pictures of Swifties throughout the tour as “Long Live” played during the end credits. I’m so grateful I was able to relive one of the best nights of my life and I was wonderstruck to see Taylor again. The Eras Tour movie has quickly become my comfort movie and it is such an honor to say that I have viewed it.

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