5 movies to look out for this upcoming summer


This upcoming summer is filled with movies from famous franchises and other incoming movies that will bring new cinematic experiences to the audiences. Photo Credit: Marisa Naraine

Marisa Naraine, Staff Reporter

On a hot summer day there are many ways to cool off; some go to the pool, others get ice cream, then there are those who go to the movie theater. Whether it’s a blockbuster hit or a potential Oscar winner, people can find their kind of movie this summer. This is the time to go to the theater after all at the end of the year is the only other time when there are major movie releases. 

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider Verse (June 2)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse was released in 2018, and after five years on June 2nd the sequel is finally coming out. Across the Spider Verse is only one half of the story; the second part will be in Beyond the Spider Verse which is supposed to come out during the spring of 2024. This is the perfect movie for the entire family to go out and watch together. 

  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30)

On June 30th another Indiana Jones movie is set to be released. This is the fifth in the series with the last one having been released almost 15 years ago. This film will not be directed by Steven Spielberg, unlike every other Indiana Jones film. In addition it will be distributed by Disney instead of Paramount Pictures. Overall this film is atypical to its franchise which has caused much skepticism around its quality. 

  •  Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (July 12)

The last Mission Impossible film came out in 2018. Dead Reckoning Part One has been long awaited, its original release date was supposed to be two years ago. From behind the scenes content this looks to be Tom Cruise’s most stunt heavy movie to date. As anyone can assume from the title there is to be a Dead Reckoning Part Two which has already wrapped up filming and as of the moment will be coming out in 2024. Overall, Dead Reckoning Part One is looking to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer. 

  • Barbie (July 21)

Ever since filming started in the middle of 2022 there has been major buzz and questions surrounding this movie. The cast consists of multiple A-list stars such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Will Farrell. Not a lot of the plot line is obvious from the trailers, although it does seem to be taking inspiration from The Wizard of Oz. This is a very different movie for the director Greta Gerwig from her usual movies such as Little Women and Lady Bird which are more serious type films. Ultimately it will be interesting to see how this movie will end up being as well as the audience’s reactions to the film. 

  • Oppenheimer (July 21) 

Oppenheimer is based on the true events of the Manhattan Project and the invention of nuclear weapons. Many top actors are a part of this cast such as Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, and Matt Damon. Oppenheimer’s director is the well known Christopher Nolan. While not everyone will recognize his name, many know of his movies such as The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception


Ultimately there is a movie for every kind of person this summer. Many of them will be exclusively released in theaters which is the place films were made to be seen.