M3GAN movie review: a story between artificial intelligence and reality


“M3GAN” released in 2022 is a movie discussing the challenges and limitations of artificial intelligence. Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics

Asia Rutledge , Guest Writer

The newest film produced by Aleka Cooper and directed by Gerard Johnstone is a cinematic masterpiece that features how powerful technology can be in a new-aged society. ‘Megan’, released on January 6, 2023, is a thriller about a scientist that builds an A.I doll named Megan for her niece to help cope with the recent death of her parents. Since Megan is so advanced, she lets her feelings get in the way, causing her to go rogue. Thus creating mayhem and chaos for not only the family, but citizens around. Finding a movie that is both a horror and a comedy can be difficult. However, Megan is the perfect film that falls under both of these categories and reveals the dangers of the advancements in technology.

The irony of Megan being man-made and programmed, yet still including lots of emotion that drives “her” to do very outrageous things is what keeps you on the edge of your seat. The “doll” does some dancing and very flexible stunts. All of that could not be possible without the New Zealand actress Amie Donald playing the advanced A.I. This shocking feature made the movie great. The young actress did an amazing job portraying a highly advanced doll in a modernized society. Donald’s body movements, stunts, and doll-like demeanor really made this movie what it is, giving it a 95% rating in rotten tomatoes. 

Special effects in this film were used very often, especially to showcase the doll’s mischievous acts, but the gore is what set it off. Stephan Ashdown and Vague Vartanian were special makeup effects technicians for both the Megan “doll” and the rest of the set. Stefan Knight, the key makeup artist for the cast and set. Puckey worked on a wide range of scenes, from the protagonist simply walking down the street to staging a murder suicide in an elevator. Before the release date, the film was rated to be too graphic and violent by the Motion Picture Association. The editor of the film, Jeff McEvoy, had to work with the head of production, Danielle Prestidge, to take out some of the over the top scenes. Thus, coming together as the PG-13 motion picture available in theaters today. 

This film combined gore with comedy, something that can be hard to accomplish. While there was a good deal of bloodshed in this movie, the cast and crew still managed to get people laughing in the cinema. Film writers Akela Cooper and James Wan gave the A.I a very comedic dialogue that was both shocking and mindless. Despite the fact that Amie Donald had less of an impactful speaking roll than action, it is easily pointed out that her lines were crafted playfully, seriously, and with lots of emotion.

Editor and Writer Gerard Johnstone and Akela Cooper worked together to make this piece of cinema that combines different elements of genres, showcases advanced technology in a new-aged society, and on-set special effects to make ‘Megan’ come to life. The time and dedication in this film is clearly shown through the end product and is filled with lots of plot twists and head turners. Therefore, ‘Megan’ is a must see.