Prom dress shopping: An old tradition in a new generation


John Docter

Prom dress shopping is an important part of high school prom and many students have their own preferences and choices. Photo Credit: Flickr

Steffi Sam, Staff Reporter

For most highschoolers in America, they look forward to one of the most monumental experiences in highschool, Prom. Speaking from the girls point of view, what their dress is going to be is always the biggest worry due to the expectations for prom dresses today. Some students attending prom  share the hottest and most realistic shops for the perfect dress for the perfect night. 


Cheerleader, Connelly Campbell, shares insight on one of the trending online stores. 


¨HelloMolly has always been a go to for me. The colors and the style fit my personality perfectly. It is super reliable for delivery time, accessories and shoes.¨ Campbell said.


When some prefer online shopping others love playing dress up by going to brick and mortar store to check the fit, style and color of potential dresses.


 ¨ I love Mia bella couture, it comes in customizable sizes and is close to affordable when it comes to dresses. I´ve been to get a dress for a wedding and they workers they’re very nice and will help pick something you really love,¨ Finley Welton said. 


 Some girls go all out and want to feel like the Cinderella bride to be. The Blushing Bride Boutique is a cute little store where  the price is modest for brides, although students won´t let that stop them from picking their prom dress.


¨ My cousin came shopping here for her dress and when i was speaking around they have pretty inexpensive options that are not too crazy or simple¨ , Olivia Thomas said. 


For those who are trying not to put that much effort into their dress, Senior Azlyn Doucet says, Dillards is also a fantastic option that´s completely affordable when it comes to costs.


 ¨ I am not too outgoing but wanted to get a decent dress for the memorable experience. They have great color options and it’s so much easier getting a grab and go dress ¨ Doucet said. 


Whether shopping off the rack or one of a kind, Prom will always be that milestone to finishing a great journey of highschool.