LTHS Band Trip to Disney World: A journey filled with excitement

The Lebanon Trail band went on a four-day trip to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida on March first to the fifth, an exciting precursor to Spring Break. Band members who went on the trip visited multiple parks, exploring what each of them had to offer.


Multiple modes of transportation were used to get everyone to Tampa on time, and the students were split into groups for traveling. 


“We were in three groups – I was group two,” sophomore Nicole Balang said. “We got there at an okay time, but people in group three got there at like four in the morning.” 


“We took a bus from LT to the airport, like a charter. Our flight was at nine, we got [to Tampa] at like one or two, and we took a bus ride again from Tampa to Orlando,” said sophomore Eesha Bhatnagar, who was in group three. 


Students had the opportunity to spend time with their fellow band members, and this strengthened friendships and bonds between them. For some, spending time with their friends was the best part of the trip. 


“Obviously I see [my friends] in band a lot, but somehow it was like I got to know them better spending the whole day with them. I just enjoyed spending time with them,” Bhatnagar said. 


Band members were mostly responsible for themselves in the park, and were able to walk around and explore on their own. 


“I think I was lucky to be able to go with my friends and experience it as a friend group,” freshman Teena Thomas said. 


Some even felt that they enjoyed being independent more than they had liked family vacations to Disneyworld in the past. 


“I really liked being able to have fun with my friends,” said sophomore Savannah Monson. “I think the best part of these trips is that your parents aren’t there, as much as we all love them, and I kind of had that autonomy to go do whatever I wanted.” 


Of course, the trip had to have something to do with music, and after visiting a few different parks, the band was given a unique opportunity.


“On the third day… we got to see what it was like to be a studio musician,” said Monson. 


Although they couldn’t visit every park, the band went to a different one each day. 


“The first day was just spent flying, on the second day there we went to Magic Kingdom. The third day was Hollywood studios, and the fourth day was Animal Kingdom,” Balang said. 


Every day provided a new adventure for the band members, and they were able to see what they wanted on their own time, all in a brand new experience with their friends.