Humans Of LT: Gabriela Guevara Ramirez


Ramirez has moved to different countries throughout her life and wanted to live her dream in her new home in the US. Photo Credit: Gabriela Guevara Ramirez

The dictionary definition of Perseverance is “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” 


Sophomore Gabriela Guevara Ramirez, has persevered through moving continuously in her life. Ramirez has moved to 4 different places in the span of 10 years. From Venezuela, to Costa Rica, Houston and then Dallas, it has been no easy journey. 


“I left all my friends everywhere, and because of the distance between us, you start to forget about them.” Ramirez says. “It affects you because you start to feel like you don’t need people a lot, because you just keep moving around.”  


However, it was just Ramirez and her mom, and these uneasy circumstances caused her to leave the youth of childhood behind.  


“I left Venezuela when I was 9 years old and I matured a lot at that age. I learned how to do a lot of stuff on my own. I had to grow up faster than most kids.” Ramirez says. 


Nevertheless, throughout these ups and downs, Ramirez has found her comfort in America. 


“When I came to America, people received me in a very welcoming way,” Ramirez says. “So I had a lot of fun, made friends and found a place where I feel like it’s my home, and that’s really nice.” 


Finally,  Ramirez explains her dreams and plans for the future. 


“When I first moved here, I wanted to do other things than what I want to do now,” Ramirez says. “I want to grow up, study, go to college, have a family and work. This is the dream of my future.