My Thoughts Regarding Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl, one of the most highly anticipated sports events of the year, is the final competition in the NFL postseason. This year the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs competed for the coveted Lombardi Trophy at 5:30 PM on February 12, in the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The Super Bowl becomes a bonding experience, football lingo transforms into a form of linguistics and people all over the world are suddenly speaking the same language.

My Predictions – I believe the Eagles will win this Super Bowl because of their impressive winning record this NFL season. I enjoy watching their team dynamic when they play and Jalen Hurts is only seeming to improve with each pass he makes. Their offense is matched with the Chiefs’ offense, so they must find a way to secure the ball and prevent Travis Kelce from making some explosive plays. 

Throughout the first half, I grew increasingly confident that the Eagles would gain another Championship title with their efficient plays and stifling defense such as the last minute score during the end of the first half, yet after the first half the Chiefs’ seemed reinvigorated with Patrick Mahomes’ no longer writhing in pain and playing normally after he was tackled and seeming to be reinjured.  

One stand out play for me was AJ Brown’s touchdown reception which helped lead the Eagles into a 7 point lead over the Chiefs. This play took place during the 2nd quarter, and Hurts threw a 45 yard pass to enable Brown to secure the ball. 

Key Moments in the game – 

  • Kansas City Chiefs interception early in the first half, this caused a change in momentum, re-energizing the Chiefs
  • Fumble by Hurts leading to a touchdown for the Chiefs, after the Chiefs touchdown, Eagles received the ball once again, but were unable to capitalize on the opportunity to score.
  • The referee call on Holding has sparked numerous debates and has once again shifted the limelight on referee calls and the power they hold over a crucial game. The holding allowed for a gain in yards for the Chiefs, allowing punter Harrison Butker to drill the game-winning field goal.

Halftime Show – This year’s halftime show was performed by Rihanna and I loved the simplistic yet entertaining performance! I enjoyed seeing her perform live for the first time since her last album, and my personal favorite songs were We Found Love and Diamonds. Her surprise pregnancy reveal was very unique, and the contrast between her outfit and her backup dancers’ outfits highlighted her actions throughout the performance. 

Fave Commercial – My favorite commercial was the Dunkin commercial with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez because I absolutely adore Dunkin and seeing Affleck working at a Dunkin was hilarious as he gave orders and interacted with fans and his wife in the drive-thru. 

Touching Moment – For the first time in NFL History, brothers would be pitted against each other for the coveted Championship title. Jason and Travis Kelce, both playing for the offense, (Jason is a Center for the Eagles while Travis is a Tight End for the Chiefs) each embraced their mom and exchanged some heartfelt words after the game. The brothers congratulated one another and despite a loss on the scoreboard, the Kelce family scored a big win.

Final Thoughts – The fast-paced game kept me on my toes till the very end, but when it came down to the final minute of the game, I believed it was an anti-climactic ending due to the final score coming down to time expiring, leading to the game-winning 27-yard field goal for the Chiefs. Congratulations to both teams for such an accomplishment, and I cannot wait to see what next year’s Super Bowl has in store!