An action packed movie – “The Women King” Review


“The Women King”, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood is a movie about a town filled with female soldiers and their struggle for power. Photo Credie: Sony Picture

Analiese Alamon , Guest Writer

It is often a struggle to find action-packed movies to enjoy. They are either too much to handle or not packed with action enough. The 2022 action film, “The Woman King” directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood is perfectly balanced and has received a 4.5-star review for its outstanding storyline, “breathtaking action”, and fantastic acting. 


This PG-13 movie is about a town whose army is made of only women and how the general works to become the first woman king in several years. It definitely has parts that shouldn’t be watched by younger children, but the movie is perfect for older children and adults. 


The best part of this movie was definitely the characters, acting, and plot. The protagonist, Naniska, is played by award-winning actress, Viola Davis who has played in movies such as “Suicide Squad”, “Get on Up”, “Madea Goes to Jail”, etc. All of this past experience adds a new level of emotion to the character that she plays and the plot. This story also has a very rich plot and is full of action at every point of the movie. If not action-packed, there are still many emotions present within the storyline, giving the audience a great overall experience. Though many of the other actors in the movie are not as recognizable, they all had an immense contribution to the movie which boosted the experience.


 Besides the acting, the writing of the movie was breathtaking. Written by Dana Stevens, The Woman King captures many different emotions and has scenes that can leave anyone speechless. As a writer who has received many awards for her work, Dana Stevens developed a beautiful film that is inclusive, featuring not only women as powerful characters, but also embodies the beauty of African culture as a whole. That is not all, though. This movie also touches on sensitive topics and shows how the characters overcome these challenges in a gorgeous, uplifting way, giving hope to people who may have experienced the same thing. For the older children that may watch this movie, older girls in particular, this film is very encouraging and gives the audience a sort of “girl power” vibe which can help growing girls understand that they are not inferior to anyone.


In conclusion, The Woman King is an outstanding movie for many reasons, but its acting and writing in particular. It is not easy finding a movie this well-written and so beautifully directed and produced. If you enjoy action movies, this film is incredible and I highly recommend watching it. Enjoy!