Cup Craze


A new trend over Stanley Cup has arises in the community. Photo Credit: Food Network

The saying, “new year, new me,” is one we hear very often when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s day. Everyone likes to spew resolutions like getting a gym membership, saving money, eating healthier, etc. The list is a long one, but one we’ve seen more this year is to drink more water. More particularly, drink your water from a Stanley cup. Not The Stanley Cup from the hockey playoffs; we’re talking about The 40-oz Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler from the Stanley company.

Last month, the hashtag #StanleyTumbler, went viral on TikTok, amassing 134.7 million views. The Stanley company, founded in 1913, has been producing drinkware for one hundred and nine years. Over the past few years, the tumbler, dubbed The Quencher, has been gaining popularity. In the past month, the cup went viral, ideally during the holiday season, and now almost everyone and their mothers have one.

With our return to campus, students and teachers are sporting the tumbler to class. Some bought the tumbler for practicality, and some bought theirs solely because almost everyone has one. Nevertheless, the Stanley trend is evident in our halls.

“They were really popular, and you know I had to hop on the trend.” Junior Haylie Harmon said.

The Stanley brand released the Quenchers almost five years ago, and they didn’t sell very well. Their target audience was catered to campers, truck drivers, and more outdoor enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the demand for the cups was beginning to spark back up in 2019 by a group of three women who run a blog called, The Buy Guide.

Realizing that these cups were for everyday use and not only camping, bloggers Ashlee LeSeur, Taylor Cannon, and Linley Hutchinson, worked with the Stanley brand when they realized these cups had more potential. Their marketing strategy was to cater to an audience that wasn’t considered by the brand at all, women.

“I think it’s really interesting that this cup didn’t use a celebrity spokesperson,” Journalism Teacher Lacey Gilmore said, “for most products that you see, the very first thing they do is get a famous face.”

The Stanley brand has worked with many influencers in different communities to spread the word about the Quencher. Now after years of collaboration, you see mothers, teachers, nurses, and students with their cups.

“They used a technique that I call the Regular Joe, where they found real people with real jobs who were really using their cup,” Gilmore said.

On the practical side, the Stanley has a great size, handle, and ability to fit in most cupholders with its tapered body. This is a selling point for many students with cars, and those who want to increase their water intake.

“I love my cup. And they really aren’t that bad to hold. Which is crazy because it’s like 40 ounces,”Junior Madison Riley said, “I like that they fit in the cupholders.”

“I’ve actually noticed how much more I drink. I fill up my water bottle at least three times a day.” Harmon said.

Stanley tumblers come in 11 different colors, not including the occasional limited edition shades. There are even communities of Quencher collectors, who show off their unique complexions, designs, and features. Overall, the Adventure Quencher has a good reputation online, and at our school. The cup has taken over so many households, classrooms, and cars in such a short amount of time.

“Honestly, I think that everyone should get one because they’re useful,” Harmon said, “they are huge and they last a long time.”