“Constructive” measures taken to resolve overwhelming rise in student numbers


Discoveries for future high school courses are spreading, with the CTE building meeting its limits for classes. The growing demands of career and technical classes have required the CTE center to undergo current construction, as our district hopes to see exponential growth.

“I think the CTE center construction is necessary,” CTE Teacher Clint Floyd said. “We have way more students than we can handle right now, so even with the expansion we are only gonna be able to handle the amount of students we have that year.”

An average of 37 residents move to Frisco per day, with an annual 3.85% yearly increase. Floyd believes, due to the rapid rise of numbers in the district, the CTE center will inevitably continue to endure construction in the following years after completing the current construction. 

“After the CTE center is finished, the building will form a ‘C’, essentially filling in the extra space that we’ve had,” CTE Teacher Lynee Mercadel said. “I’m excited for the ‘C’ because the new CTE center will allow more students to enlist in my class.”

The new hallways added will involve mainly career and technical classes like engineering and architecture. Currently, Mercadel, like many teachers, has to share her class for other subjects, as the CTE is brimming with students.

“Being able to contribute my skills to a community I love fulfills me,” Construction manager Camry Mullens said. “My goal is to be helpful to the community that I serve, like expanding properties to build more classrooms for young students to learn more”

Around June, is when the construction started taking place. Throughout the duration, Mullens and his team have encountered difficulties such as lacking underground facilities, and immense geothermal lines, which all had to be coordinated from the district’s financing. 

“The funds coming to the CTE center is really worth it,” CTE Principal Diana Maniel said. “We are so full, our classes are bursting. The additional space will really open up some opportunities for students.” 

According to Maniel, the majority of a district’s choice is impacted by the student voice. When mutual interest is noticed in a topic, the district provides many offers, including dedicating its budget to meet education-orientated needs.

“Hopefully the CTE center expansion creates more opportunities, like for jobs, as we are looking to not only find more partners but also to bring in new courses that we haven’t taught before,” CTE teacher Linsey Mercado said. “This new extension may change what’s taught, but in a good way because there won’t be any extra work added to [employees].”