4ft lethal snow wave engulfs Buffalo, New York


For years, snowy winters have been a common wish for U.S. residents, as most areas are tainted with unnatural warmth from constant global warming. Unfortunately, Buffalo, New York, accumulated every state’s wish into their place, receiving an estimated 50 inches of snow.

Barely layered over 4 feet tall, Buffalo’s extreme situation with snow has forced many people to remain idle, residing in isolated homes. The commissioner of Buffalo imposed the citizens to remain home, as the weather severity continues to elevate, already at the reach of a lethal level.

“The nationwide death toll from [the] storm, which brought more than 40 inches of snow to some areas, climbed to 49 on Monday,” Stated CNN reporter Steve Almasy. “with 27 of those deaths in Erie County, New York.” 

The total number of deaths recorded still hasn’t been confirmed, as law enforcement continues to find the victims’ bodies while also struggling to find the true cause. 

“I am aware of additional bodies that have been recovered and are being brought to our temporary morgue,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said, “We’ve had so many bodies that various hospitals are full and we’re just having to go through, and determine if the individuals have died from a blizzard-related death.”

To compensate safety of the survivors, the commissioner decided to take action by emergency responders transporting people to warming shelters. He says too many people, are going out to see the massive snowfall in their vehicles, getting stuck and blocking recovery efforts. 

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz stated that “14 people in the county had died of exposure, three people were found in their vehicles, four had no heat, three were from shoveling/(snow) blowing cardiac events, and three people passed away after EMS services were delayed.”

Poloncarz believes that because of the sudden weather disaster, many more casualties are expected, as even emergency and recovery vehicles struggle to bypass the mass of snow that surrounds Buffalo. 

Poloncarz considers the city “impassible in most areas” with abandoned vehicles dispersed everywhere, as many rescue parties, including snowplow drivers, had to miss out on celebrating Christmas with their families, as they attempted to restore Buffalo, New York.