Mrs. Law wins teacher of the year


Mrs.Law wins Teachers of the Year Award. Photo Credit: LTHS

Throughout their entire careers, students always find kindred spirits in educators. For some, it might be the art teacher or even the PE coach. For others, however, especially for those that find comfort between the pages of a book or between the loops of cursive letters, it would be the English teacher. Valerie Law, the Teacher of the Year award winner, is beloved here at LTHS for her understanding character and insightful and thoughtful teaching method.

Law has been teaching for eight years, and she explains how her desire to encourage her students to succeed and accomplish their goals has pushed her to be a better teacher.

“I [want]…to ‘see’ my students, to ‘see’ anyone I encounter,” she said. “I aim to be a vessel for students and teachers alike in moving them toward their goals. I do not think you can do that without really having a vested interest in who people are, and I do. I care.”

Law’s heartfelt commitment to her job materializes in the way she teaches, therefore creating a peaceful environment in which students not only learn but also feel understood and fully immersed in their work.

Due to her dedication, she is famous among alumni. Junior Keerthana Saravanan explained that she feels welcomed whenever she walks into her classroom.

“She’s respected by all her students and her passion for her job can be seen by the way she teaches,” Saravanan said.

She further commented that Law’s dedication is a significant factor in her success. According to Saravanan, the teacher deserved the award because of her selfless aim to aid anybody who needs help.

Accordingly, when asked about the qualities she possesses that helped her win the ward, Law said that she hoped it was her open-mindedness and readiness.

“I learned long ago that education is not a one-size-fits-all, nor is the ‘ideal’ student. It takes all kinds, and the world needs all kinds, making humanity so beautiful,” Law said.

Because of her commitment to the beautiful side of life and her wholehearted belief in spreading kindness through teaching, Law’s students explained that the recognition gave her the due merit she deserved, considering she is one of the many well-spirited educators here at LTHS who have what it takes to leave a mark on someone.