Ticketmaster: A presale frustration


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BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM – AUGUST 11: In this photo illustration a laptop displays the ticketmaster website on August 11, 2014 in Bristol, United Kingdom. This week marks the 20th anniversary of the first online sale. Since that sale – a copy of an album by the artist Sting – online retailing has grown to such an extent that it is now claimed that 95 percent of the UK population has shopped online and close to one in four deciding to shop online each week. (Photo Illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

One of the most successful artists of the generation, Taylor Swift’s “The Eras tour” has since amassed over 591 million dollars in sales. With the average ticket price clocking in at around 200 dollars, attention has since been focused on Ticketmaster, the platform for the tour tickets, and the people that have since expressed frustrations with the website and its issues with reselling and lines.

The presale for the event had lines consisting of wait times for hours at a time, leading many to experience technical difficulties as well as glitches in the system that led to a cancellation of regular sale. 

“Overall, the ticketing experience was quite stressful and frustrating for me. I gained access to both the presale and the Capital one sale, but was unsuccessful at getting tickets both times,” Senior Mansi Madhani said. “This mainly occurred because I was stuck in the virtual waiting line for hours on end (despite joining the line at the exact moment that the sale started), and by the time I made it out of the line, all the tickets were sold out.” 

Many also felt the need for Ticketmaster as an institution to take more control of reselling and its influence in higher ticket prices. 

“I feel that Ticketmaster could have done more to limit the traffic to its site during the ticket sales or control the number of tickets available for people to purchase. For example, Ticketmaster could have further decreased the amount of people who gained access to the presale, in order to ensure that those who did qualify for the presale actually had a good chance of getting tickets, as opposed to being left empty handed.” Madhani said. “Additionally, by placing more limitations on the number of available tickets during the presales, Ticketmaster could have ensured that there would be a sufficient number of tickets available for people to buy during the regular sale,” she added. 

Despite the clear issues in terms of Ticketmaster, many fans also felt that Taylor herself should have taken action beforehand and ensured that fans had no need to worry regarding the ticket prices or reselling. 

“I feel as if Taylor should have responded to the ticketmaster incident faster than she did. A couple days had passed before she even said anything to her fans. I also think she could have tried to do more to keep the prices down, especially knowing ticket masters history and how it works.” Sophomore Abigail Huang said. “I think it affected a lot of the fans in a negative way who weren’t able to get the tickets, especially ones who experienced technology issues when in line for the tickets.”  

However, recent news regarding Ticketmaster and the immense backlash faced by fans has caused a group of fans to sue ticketmaster. As a response to this, tickets will be on sale once more for the remaining 170,000 through email to certain fans.