Wednesday Character Analysis: A deep dive into the personality


Wednesday Addams has become a controversial figure due to her personality. Photo Credit: The Guardian

The newly released Netflix series ‘Wednesday’ has been a great hit, with thousands of people making videos about the show, cosplaying the characters and more.  


But even though it’s been well loved there are some things in the series which people didn’t like and actually favored the movies. 


Wednesday’s personality in the series, though they’re similar, there are certain things which set her apart from the Wednesday in the movies. 


“They changed her a bit too much in my opinion. Because she acts like she doesn’t like her family in some parts of the show,” said sophomore Brooke Webster, “but in previous movies that I’ve seen she was pretty close with her family because they were all kind of the same, like they were all outcasts together but now she yells at her mom and is rude to her brother.” 


In addition, some people think Wednesday is being judged too harshly, and her being cold toward everyone is what makes her character unique. 


“I get that they’re trying to give Wednesday character development but it feels forced. Everyone keeps telling her that she’s selfish or toxic and needs to care more,” one reddit user commented. “In my opinion, what made her character so great is that she never listened to other people’s opinions, was entirely true to herself and cared when you least expected her to.”


On the contrary, some prefer the Wednesday in the series to the one in the movies.


“I think Wednesday, in the series on Netflix right now, I think she gives Wednesday a more of a human quality and I can empathize with her more,” said theater teacher Michael Holloman.“And she’s not all dead inside. I just felt like I connected with her more in this one.”


Similarly, people enjoyed watching the teenage version of Wednesday throughout the series. 


“I love Wednesday’s teenage version of herself and I really like her more by the end of the season too, after everything that’s happened.” 


While there are many mixed feelings about Wednesday’s character, a majority of the critics on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ agree that the show was and are eager to see how the next season turns out. 


“Jenna Ortega’s character doesn’t feel like a redo or a copy. Instead it feels like what Wednesday Addams was always supposed to be.”